Healthy Foods that Reduces the Damage of Junk Food

We all want to be healthy; but unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s easier to order a pizza than to make yourself a healthy meal. Sadly for our health, it’s also tastier. But fortunately, there are some foods you can eat alongside your junk-food that can help reduce the damage.

healthy food for junk food

  • Sauerkraut and Hot Dogs

As innocent as hot dogs may look, they are full of nitrates which, most of the time, have been proven to lead to cancer.  This is why it’s a good idea to top your hot dog with some sauerkraut because it prevents those nitrates from becoming carcinogens.

  • Chocolate and Salty Meals

Everyone loves chocolate. It’s especially good when you eat it after a salty meal. Just by eating a couple of squares of dark chocolate for desert, your blood pressure lowers in about two hours. So grab and eat a few pieces that contain at least 60% cocoa.

  • Grapes and High-Fat Food

When you eat meals that are high in fat, it slows your circulation and releases triglycerides in your system. One cup of grapes which are rich in antioxidants minimizes the damage done.

  • Coleslaw and Grilled Chicken

Meats cooked on the grill (chicken, pork or beef) have been said to increase the risk of cancer. Vegetables from the cruciferous group such as cabbage in a coleslaw are said to eliminate the carcinogens and lower the risk of cancer.

  • Red Wine and Read Meat

Aside from the fact that it gives a classy feel to the meal, seven ounces of red wine are proven to minimize your body’s toxin absorption and reduce the risk of heart disease. Be careful not to overindulge, though. You might end up doing more damage than what you were trying to fix.

  • Rosemary and Pizza

When high-carb foods meet heat that passes 250 degrees, it releases negative chemicals that increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Adding a tablespoon of rosemary in the dough releases antioxidants that cut down those chemicals by 60%.

  • Bagels and Vinegar

Doesn’t seem like the best combo, does it? Well, you’re wrong on that. As far opposed as they may seem, vinegar can actually keep your blood sugar from going over the top and reduce the damage done by the high-carb bagels you just had at lunch. Just a spoonful of vinegar in your salad is enough to slow your digestion and keep your glucose in check to prevent overeating.

  • Cherries and Fast Food

This is why it’s always a good idea to combine fast food with a more natural food. Experts say that if you eat a dessert made from cherries, grapes, kiwis or blueberries, it spreads the antioxidants needed to fight the harmful radicals unleashed in your body every time you indulge yourself in fast-food.

Next time you don’t feel like eating healthy and you just want to splurge on these junk foods, keep in mind to add these side dishes to your meal. Who knows: it might even make your meal tastier.

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