Health Benefits of Raisins

You may not find raisins very appealing because of their wrinkly appearance. However, you should know that they are incredibly healthy and they are particularly beneficial for the gastrointestinal health. Moreover, what many people don’t know is that they are the best alternative to candies and they are a healthy source of sugar. Raisins can help you prevent and treat various diseases, as you will see in the following paragraphs.

Health Benefits of Raisins

Boosting the Energy

Raisins contain carbs and natural sugars and they can offer you the energy necessary throughout the day. The best aspect about them is that even if they are rich in sugar and carbs, they will not “help” you put on extra pounds. Raisins are a great snack and they can even be consumed in the morning with your cereals, so as to offer you energy for the entire day.

Combat Hypertension

Numerous studies have shown that raisins protect your heart health and reduce the blood pressure. The large amounts of potassium found in the raisins are the ones responsible for this effect. It is well-known that potassium can decrease the blood pressure and diminish the blood vessels tension. The raisins also contain dietary fiber that reduces the stiffness of the blood vessels and promotes a lower blood pressure.

Combat Anemia

Raisins are rich in iron, a mineral that is essential when fighting against anemia. At the same time, these dried fruits are high in the vitamin-B complex that will help you form new and healthy blood cells. Raisins also contain copper, another mineral that is helpful in forming new red blood cells.

Promote Bone Health

It might sound strange, but raisins contain calcium that is beneficial for the health of your bones. At the same time, these little wrinkled fruits are high in a micronutrient called Boron that is essential for the proper absorption of calcium and for the bone formation. Boron is also efficient in preventing osteoporosis by protecting your joints and bones. Raisins also contain potassium, another mineral that promotes bone growth and also strengthens the bones.

Fight against Diabetes

Various studies have revealed that raisins can diminish the postprandial insulin response. Thus, after a meal, raisins can immediately control the insulin levels and modulate the sugar absorption so as to reduce the risks of health complications in the patients with diabetes. Raisins can also prevent overeating, which is essential when suffering from diabetes. So, these fruits control the release of ghrelin and leptin, the hormones that decide if your body is full or hungry.

Helpful for Digestion

Raisins are rich in fibers that absorb water and will immediately have a laxative effect. As a result, raisins are extremely beneficial for those suffering from constipation. If you consume raisins every day, you can maintain a normal bowel movement and, at the same time, you will be able to eliminate all the waste materials and toxins from your stomach, body and gastrointestinal tract.

Raisins are also extremely beneficial for your mouth health, eyes, heart, teeth and they can prevent cancer and treat infections.

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