Guava and What It Can Do For You

Except for the delicious guava jam, there aren’t many people who can list down the numerous benefits of guava. Since it has a tough flesh and a lot of seeds, many tend to brush it aside, without thinking of the benefits they’d feel if they consumed this fruit. Without further ado, I’m going to tell you the main reasons why guava will always need to go in your shopping cart.

guava benefits

Guava is very rich in vitamin C, which promotes hair growth. If you notice that you keep losing hair each time you use the hairbrush, you may want to go on a guava diet and fix the problem internally.

  • It Keeps Your Skin Healthy-Looking

Guava has twice the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, which is why it is advised that you consume it to strengthen the collagen production. The result will be a much firmer skin. This fruit is also highly hydrating – being 81% water – which is why it is recommended that you use it to hydrate your skin and prevent dryness.  You can also prevent and remove blackheads by using the leaves of this fruit. Just mix the leaves with some water and apply it to the affected skin patch. The same treatment can work wonders against acne, dark spots and itchiness since it has anti-allergic compounds.

  • It Soothes the Mind

In order for your brain to function properly, your body will need relaxed nerves and a good blood flow. Since guava is also high in vitamin B3 and B6, it will work wonders in relaxing your nerves and soothing your mind.

  • It Helps the Muscles and Nerves

Guava is also packed with magnesium. This mineral can be used to relax the nerves and the muscles in your body, providing you with a smooth energy boost after a hard session of working out. It’s also rich in manganese, which is responsible for our body’s capability of harnessing the nutrients from foods.

  • It Promotes Fertility

If you feel as if your family remains incomplete no matter how much you try, you may want to consider that your body lacks certain substances needed for conceiving. Folate is the mineral which can promote human fertility, and chance makes it that guava is very rich in it.

  • It’s High in Fiber

If the blood sugar keeps rising and falling, this may present a risk to the individual’s health. Fiber can lower the blood sugar, maintain the digestive system and keep your body in an overall clean state. And the good part is that guava is very rich in fiber.

  • It Promotes Healthy Vision

If you’re not a fan of carrots, you should know that guava is a great source of retinol and vitamin A, both of these being very important in maintaining good eyesight.

If you’re still not convinced, try guava for yourself. After a while, you will no longer want to live without it.

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