These Fruits Rich In Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium And Iron Will Regenerate The Nervous System

Did you know that apricots have existed for over 4000 years? These fruits once called in China “moons of the faithful” are useful for both our mental and physical health.

apricots for the nervous system

Apricots are some of the most nutritious fruits around the world. Dried fruits contain large quantities of mineral salts like: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and selenium. When consumed on a regular basis, these fruits can bring us a substantial intake of nutrients. 130 grams of dried apricots can cover 94% of our daily dose of vitamin A.

Particularly useful for anaemia, asthenia, depression, neurosis

The academician Ovidiu Bojor recommends apricots to the persons who suffer from anaemia (which is provoked by haemorrhage) or asthenia, but also to convalescent people. Apricots are beneficial for the nervous system, having upon it a remarkable and tonic effect. For this reason, they are indicated for depressive moods, insomnia and neurosis.

Dried apricots have laxative effects while the fresh fruits are antidiarrheal.

From a therapeutic point of view, apricots reduce the risk of vision loss once you are getting older. They are rich in antioxidants (carotenoids and xanthophyll) – especially lutein – which protect the retina and the eyes from external dangers or the other ones associated with age.

They are efficient against inflammations and cancer

Due to their rich content in catechol, apricots act as a strong anti-inflammatory that inhibits the Cyclooxygenase enzyme (COX-2) that is implicated in the inflammatory process. The chronic inflammations and the oxidative stress are major factors in the development of cancer.

Researchers from the Keimnyung University from South Korea affirm that the dried fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins that have chemo preventive, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can help in preventing cancer. Through the drying process, all the active compounds from the fruits are kept in intact condition: anthocyanin, catechol, carbolic acid, terpene, coumarin.

Caution regarding dried fruits

Do not consume dried fruits in large quantities because they have a high energetic and caloric level. Avoid the dried fruits that have a high addition of sugar, syrup or sulphites – preservatives that can cause stomach cramps, itches or asthma attacks. Read the etiquette of the product. Buy dried fruits from organic shops.

  • They are good for the skin

Due to their high level of antioxidants, apricots are essential for skin care. Their antioxidants help to slow down the process of aging. Also, vitamin A prevents acne.

  • They improve the metabolism

Dried apricots are rich in potassium. By eating them, you can improve your metabolism.

  • Remedy against fever

All you need is apricot juice and water. You can add one tablespoon of honey. It’s indicated to drink it twice a day.

What we have learnt

We can consider apricots as a natural remedy for some of our problems. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, dried apricots help our system to fight against cancer.

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