Fruits for the Brain, DNA and Your Cardiovascular System

All fruits are extremely beneficial for our bodies and they have a powerful positive impact on our health. Berries, however, have an even more powerful effect, due to the high amount of antioxidants they contain.

healthy berries

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, elderflowers and goji are probably the healthiest foods you could find on this planet. Studies continue to be performed on them and they all reveal more and more of their impressive effects on the human body, which are most likely to be caused by the high amounts of polyphenols they contain.

Berries are included in the list of foods with the highest amounts of antioxidants, along with red wine, grapes, greens, fish, nuts or green tea.

Antioxidants are compounds with a powerful action on the body. They protect it from the action of the free radicals and against the attacks of the reactive oxygen species. They also help the body to get rid of infected molecules, of the toxic metals within the body and of cancerous cells. The process of aging is also slowed down.

If the body does not receive the necessary amount of protection against free radicals, the DNA cells can be affected so badly that they might even get destroyed. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, sclerosis or cancer are conditions that have been associated with these harmful factors.

Benefits of berries

  • Boosting the immune system and calming the inflammations.
  • Fighting cancer cells and slowing down the aging process.
  • Improving your mental state and preventing depression.
  • Fighting against breast, liver and colon cancer.
  • Treating and preventing urinary infections.
  • Killing the golden staphylococcus which has a great resistance to antibiotics.
  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Fighting allergies and arthritis.
  • Inhibiting the A and B viruses that cause the flu.

Heart-related benefits

  • The darker the fruits, the higher the presence of antocians, the antioxidants helping the body, by offering protection to the heart, to the brain cells and fighting against tumors.
  • A serving of forest fruits will reduce the blood pressure and increase the good cholesterol.

Brain-related benefits

  • The heart and the brain are the most protected by these fruits. A regular consumption will decrease the risk of neurologic problems, especially Alzheimer’s. Blueberries will improve the learning process and the memory and offer protection to the brain cells.
  • Strawberries will reduce the cognitive decline associated with age and brain inflammations.

Where to find forest fruits

Outside their season, they can be found on the market in a frozen state. You can find them in any supermarket and the price is very accessible too. It is recommended that during their season, we should start putting aside some significant quantities, just to have them when they will not be found in a fresh state.

As compared to other fruits, they have low levels of sugar and they will not produce any imbalances of the insulin.

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