Foods that Will Maintain the Stomach Health

Your digestive system can be significantly affected by medications such as antibiotics, stress, viral infections, environmental toxins and poor dietary habits. Since digestion is a vital process, you must offer it extra care. In order to have a healthy digestive system, you must have a balanced diet and consume lots of water. You must know exactly what to eat so as to prevent symptoms like abdominal discomfort, belching and bloating. If you are not aware of what these foods are, we are here to help you and to offer you a comprehensive list of foods that you can eat for a healthy stomach.

Foods that Will Maintain the Stomach Health


The digestive processes can greatly benefit from this herb. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and also cooling qualities that can accelerate the healing of the digestive system calm the upset stomach. Add peppermint leaves in your salads or dishes or mix a cup of water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil. The oil will act as a detoxifier, purifier and cleanser.

Sweet Potatoes

By consuming sweet potatoes regularly, you can promote the health of your digestive system. They are rich in manganese, vitamins C and B6, carbohydrates and dietary fiber and can aid the digestion. The inflammatory bowel problems, the duodenal ulcers and peptic ulcers, can all be treated with sweet potatoes. They are easy to digest and they can also diminish the activity of oxygen radicals and heavy metals.

Cod Liver Oil

This is one of the most beneficial ingredients for your stomach. It contain omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties and it is also rich in vitamins D and A. They will build the immunity and will also restore the digestive health. These nutrients will also help you treat the inflammatory bowel disease. Consume one teaspoon of cod liver oil per day so as to notice the positive results for your digestive system.


Beetroots contain betaine, a substance that enhances the stomach acidity and helps the organism control the yeast and the bacteria. At the same time, it reduces bloating and prevents the food intolerances. Beetroots are also high in magnesium, potassium and fiber that will prevent stomach aches and constipation. Consume beetroot juice or eat it raw to benefit from these properties.


A proper diet should always include bananas. They will promote the normal functioning of the bowel movements and they are also an effective remedy for those who have diarrhea because they restore the potassium and the electrolytes. Bananas are rich in fiber and they are able to absorb the toxins in the digestive system. Finally, these fruits are rich in proteins that slow the carbohydrates’ digestion and maintain and repair the digestive tract tissue. Consume one banana per day to benefit from these qualities.


If you suffer from different gastrointestinal discomforts, then you can benefit from the healthy benefits of ginger. This plant has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce bloating, spasms, nausea, indigestion and gas. Prepare a ginger tea and consume it on a regular basis. It aids digestion by stimulating the gastric juice production, the bile and the saliva.

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