Foods That Cause Skin Problems

As everybody knows, food has a significant influence on our health. And who knows better than a dermatologist what kind of foods have negative effects for our skin. Here is the list of products that dermatologists don’t consume.


  • Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is a toxin that can harm our health. Besides, overdrinking can make you crave for unhealthy foods.

  • Caffeinated drinks

Besides having positive effects on our body, coffee triggers the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This can make your skin thin and make you age faster. Besides this, sodas or teas that contain caffeine have diuretic properties. Therefore, they make your skin dry.

  • Foods that are very spicy

If you have skin problems, and you like your food to be spicier, you should exclude those foods from your diet. Besides, there are people who have a tendency to develop a skin condition, particularly facial redness, because of spicy dishes. It can be better for them if they stay away from these foods.

  • Dairy foods

People are still debating if dairy products have benefits or not. Some persons affirm that foods like cheese, milk, or other dairy foods can cause acne and other numerous skin problems, but others claim that they didn’t experience such problems. We can say that dairy products have different effects on people, so it depends on your organism if you tolerate these foods or not.

  • Products made of white flour

Foods like donuts, white bread or other white flour based foods may taste good, but can represent a threat to our health. These foods can cause a spike in blood sugar and imbalanced levels of hormones that can lead to the appearance of pimples and skin oiliness.

  • Fast Foods

Although fast food is cheap and you don’t have to cook it, it can have some bad effects not only for your skin but also for the heart health.

  • Junk products

You may be tempted from time to time to eat a junk product, but you need to remember that they are called junk for a reason. These foods have in their composition the dangerous type of fat: trans-fat. Trans fats can trigger the production of pimples but are bad for your health in general.

  • Processed foods

Processed products contain chemicals, preservatives and are overloaded with salt. This combination can represent a threat for your skin. Moreover, you should avoid processed meats like salamis, hot dogs or sausages in order to keep your skin clean.

  • Salty foods

You should avoid consuming big amounts of salt because it represents a danger to the heart. Besides this, the sodium can make you look puffy and can affect the skin tissues for a long period.

  • Sweet goods

You may want to reduce the consumption of sweet treats because they contain a high level of sugar that is harmful to your skin health. Moreover, an increased level of sugar can provoke a spike in the blood glucose levels and finally an inflammation.

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