The Famous Black Garlic and Its Amazing Health Benefits

Black garlic is the most “fashionable” vegetable these days. It was first produced and used in South Korea, where it was famous for the benefits it has over the health.

The Famous Black Garlic and Its Amazing Health Benefits

What is Black Garlic

Black garlic appeared on the international markets approximately 5 years ago, when it was promoted by the Koreans. It is not an alternative to white garlic, but it is exactly regular garlic. The only reason why it’s black is that it has been fermented for one month in controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. When it’s fermented, this type of garlic produces melanoidin, a dark substance that is responsible for the color of the black garlic and that has magnificent benefits for the health.

The ancient Asian dictors used this method of fermenting the garlic to extract the best properties of garlic, reducing the intolerance to digestion and the unpleasant taste.

The Black Garlic Health Benefits

Black garlic will help you fight against infections. We all know that white regular garlic has antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties thanks to the allicin content. The S-alicysteine from the black garlic will promote the better absorption of this compound.

Black garlic will protect against cancer and will reduce bad cholesterol. The fermentation process that lasts 1 month will transform this vegetable into a super-food. This product contains an amino acid derivative that helps with the reduction of cholesterol and it also diminishes the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Moreover, black garlic contains twice as more antioxidants as white garlic. Also, it is rich in natural sugars and amino-acids. It does not contain any additive.

Furthermore, it seems that black garlic is more easily absorbed than white garlic, which means that the organism will absorb immediately the nutrients in this vegetable. Black garlic has a sweet taste, with a soft and jelly texture and it can be consumed directly as a snack. What’s great about black garlic is that it does not leave that unpleasant taste and smell in the mouth.

How Does Black Garlic Taste

The fermentation process is realized through a special procedure – a 45-day maceration. Throughout this period, the garlic bulbs are kept in a very well insulated room, at a constant temperature and humidity that must not vary more than 5%. This procedure helps the garlic get that jelly consistency, which is softer and lighter than the white garlic’s texture.

Many people say that black garlic tastes similar to dry prunes, slightly smokes, sweet and with the consistency of toffee.

Black garlic does not modify the body odor after consumption and can be consumed raw in large quantities because it’s not as spicy as the white garlic.

Besides the fast that black garlic contains numerous antioxidants, it is also a 100% natural product, obtained through fermentation and, moreover, it’s 100% clean and free of chemicals.

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