Eggshells Contain as Much Calcium as Teeth and Bones (Recipe)

Recent research shows that the outer layer of eggs, onion, apples or lemon is healthy and it shouldn’t be thrown away. In some cases, nutrients are found in the shell of some foods and not in their core.


1 scoop of eggshell powder = 400 mg calcium

As it is naturally, the shell of the eggs goes directly to the trash bin or in the happiest cases, it is used as fertilizer for plants or vegetables. Eggshell contains a large amount of calcium. ½ scoops of eggshells provide 400 mg elemental calcium, perfectly absorbed. Calcium is an essential substance for healthy bones, teeth and heart. Nutritionists recommend keeping the eggshells as they can serve in preparing very good calcium which is easily and completely assimilated by our body.

How to get calcium from eggshells

All you have to do is to lay up several eggshells, boil them for 5 minutes in order to eliminate bacteria and harmful substances. Another method is by cleaning the eggshells with apple cider vinegar. While eggshells boil, heat the stove to 200 degree. Put the clean eggshells in a stainless steel baking sheet. Put the griddle in the stove, which was previously heated for 15 minutes, as the shells dry out and crisp.

The next step is grinding the shells in the coffee grinder until you obtain a fine powder. Some people grind the eggshells without baking them.The obtained eggshell powder can be added in food, drinks or smoothies or can be mixed with lemon juice, honey or oat flakes.

Incredible benefits of eggshells

The eggshell composition is very alike with tooth and bones composition. Studies have shown eggshells assert to their growth and re-mineralization in an even more efficient way than conventional remedies which have side effects.

Eggshells contain important substances such as glucosamine and hyaluronic acid which assure the articulations’ flexibility. Therefore, eggshells are a very good remedy to prevent joint diseases and improve bones’ health. The eggshell intake can rapidly reduce on long-term the pain of the patients who suffer from joint disorders.

According to some specialists, osteoporosis can be treated and prevented with the calcium in the eggshells due to the fact that 90% of it is absorbed in bones.

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