Eating Raw Rice Can Be Bad for You

Do you normally take pleasure in eating raw, uncooked ingredients? Or perhaps you just enjoy the crunchy feel rice presents. You might think that eating it undercooked or cooked makes no difference, as it’s a natural ingredient and it’s supposed to be filled with nutrients and beneficial vitamins. Also, the market abounds with processed foods in comparison with which raw rice literally seems a rather healthy alternative.

raw rice

There’s a range of grains which may actually be eaten in their uncooked form, presenting no side effects. However, when it comes to rice, experts have indicated that it can be really bad for your health, presenting a couple of detrimental aspects.

Improper Digestion

Rice embodies a substance named cellulose, as many other raw grains or vegetables. Its purpose is to protect the grain from something that may be harmful for it. Nonetheless, the human digestive system is not properly furnished with the ability to digest this substance, and your body won’t benefit from the nutritional value rice incorporates. By cooking the rice, the substance is no longer harmful for your digestion, and the grain becomes healthy for you.

Consumption of Bacteria

Another reason why raw rice can be detrimental for you is that it embodies bacteria – bacillus cerus, which are simultaneously associated with a range of negative side effects and positive properties. The good side to the bacteria is that they diminish the amount of harmful bacteria in your digestive system. However, they may also cause you disturbing vomiting and nausea. Normally this occurs in 24 hour’s time after you have eaten raw rice.

Absorption of Lecitin

Lecitin is a natural insecticide that causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; therefore, it can be determined as a ground for food poisoning. When cooked, this natural insecticide is destroyed, in this way the food is safe and healthy for you to consume. Additionally, lecitin harmfully affects your health by deterring your digestive cells from being restored. Besides this, in the long run, the absorption of lecitin can eventually raise the risks of diabetes and collateral cancer.

Connected with Pica

Pica is an eating disorder defined as the unhealthy, odd urge to eat foods lacking in nutritional value. For instance: hair, sand, paint, crayons, flour, rice, sugar, salt and so on and so forth. This is mostly common for children; however, this condition affects people of all ages.

One of the reasons why this condition occurs is the consistent lack of significant minerals such as iron and zinc, which are utterly important for the right functioning of your body. This is why pica frequently affects women during their pregnancy; as the fetus is growing and absorbing minerals and nutrients from their body, they may end up suffering from mineral insufficiency. If you notice the unusual desire to consume all kinds of uncommon non-aliments or uncooked ones – such as rice, do consult your doctor in order to determine the real cause to the issue as it can be utterly abnormal and unhealthy for you.

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