Drinking Milk And The Impact It Has On Our Bodies

Ever since we were children, our parents have always pushed us to drink milk. One cup in the morning and one in the evening. It is, indeed, a powerful source of proteins, calcium and vitamin D, which work together in maintaining a strong bone structure and a strengthened dental health, but it also contains potassium and choline, a protein that is essential for the brain.

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In spite of all that, recent studies have shown that drinking too much milk can put us at health risks. Since most of us will drink cow milk, it is important to know that this food contains hormones that stimulate the growth of the animals. Another study has shown that 60-80% of the female hormones are taken from the cow milk, the IGF-1 hormone too. This hormone stimulates the multiplication of the cells, so it can be considered as a harmful component since a too intense cell multiplication is a symptom of cancer.

A study made in 2011 revealed the fact that drinking milk will not reduce the rate of fractures in women, while another Swedish study has shown that the women who drink more than 2 cups of milk per day are much more prone to ovarian cancer than those who don’t.

In 2014, a study that has been published in the Bone Mineral Journal displayed the fact that, an intake of over 3 cups of milk per day was associated with hip fractures in women and with a greater risk of death from any other cause, both in men and women, as opposed to those who consumed fewer amounts of milk.

It is unknown yet if the issues regarding milk can be spread on other dairy products as well. Researchers also fear that milk drinkers might also make other mistakes regarding their lifestyle, which could put them at risk of cancer. As a consequence, they were unable to consider excessive milk drinking as the main cause of developing this condition.

Experts recommend drinking one or 2 glasses of milk per day and they also point out that it should not be taken out of our diets because it is so rich in nutrients. For those who are intolerant to milk, here are some other options they can explore:

  • Almond milk – High in calcium and vitamin E, but low in fat and calories.
  • Soy milk – It will help the body in the case of a heart disease. However, it should not be consumed excessively, as it might cause infertility.
  • Rice milk – For an allergic person, this is a great option, as it does not have any lactose, soy or nuts. It is the lighter version of cow milk, so it is safe to say that it can be added to your morning cereals.
  • Camel milk – Drinking it will get you 10 times more iron and 3 times more vitamin C, than the normal dose of cow milk.

Remember to check the amount of sugar these alternatives contain, as some of them might include sweeteners. For an iron health, choose a fat- free unsweetened alternative.

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  1. NEVER DRINK MILK……it causes way too much mucus in the body which in turn keeps you from a virus free body…..drink FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES instead.

  2. NEVER drink milk…..it causes MUCUS in the body that carries DISEASES!! If you didn’t come from a COW…why would you drink the MILK???? THINK!!!

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