Consume organic products for one week to reduce your kid’s pesticides levels

A study that has been conducted in America showed that 8 out of 10 Americans have been buying organic products in the past 2 years. What seemed to motivate this decision was their concern for the health of their children. The other factors that were discovered were related to the financial aspect of the problem. More exactly, the number of organic sales that have been made reached $35 billion in 2013 and they were expected to decline by 12% during the following year.

organic products

High pesticide levels affect the brain

The aim of the study was to connect the exposure to pesticides in the early stages of life to the behavior and the neurodevelopment of the subjects. An increased level of pesticides will lead to a poor mental development, to a pervasive developmental disorder and an attention deficit or a hyperactivity disorder. The research has also shown that there could be a link between the exposure to pesticides of the parents and birth defects.

Another study has been developed and it has managed to show that a regular consumption of fruits and vegetables makes a great difference when it comes to reducing the levels of pesticides and chemicals in children.

The study

20 children from Oakland, California have consumed conventional products for 4 days, followed by 7 days of eating organic food. Then, they have returned to their conventional products for another 5 days.

The discoveries that have been made were astounding! While eating organic products, the urine samples showed a 50% decline in the levels of pesticides and another 25% decline in the levels of herbicides.

Based on these discoveries, specialists are encouraging everyone to eat and to purchase only organic food. This way, they will not only reduce the levels of pesticides and herbicides in themselves, but their action will also have a powerful effect on their families, as well.

Everyone knows that the US is the land of processed food. It is the place where junk food smiles at you from every street corner and this is the reason why for so many parents it can be quite difficult to fight this phenomenon. Since junk food is everywhere, it can be quite hard to find organic products. However, more and more supermarkets have introduced such products in their offer. They might be a little pricier, but it is worth the cost.

More and more children are struggling with conditions such as attention deficit disorder and the main cause of their occurrence is the food, not the genes. If you are one of those parents, you should know that you are not alone in this. There are many others just like you. You can start improving the life of your child by ensuring that his diet is based on organic products. Start with small, but important steps and you will see that with a lot of will and determination, you will manage to change your child’s life and help him turn towards a more positive future.

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