Boost the Immune System with These Probiotic Foods

In the past few years, everyone has turned towards probiotic foods because they are healthier and more natural than their counterparts. Probiotics are in fact the yeast and bacteria that live in our organism and are significant in improving the immunity and the health. They stimulate the digestive enzymes and juices and help the digestive system function normally.


Probiotics are also extremely important for having a strong immune system. They can combat diarrhea and fight against various other digestive problems. Thus, if you want to give a boost to your immunity, you should include foods that are rich in probiotics in your diet.


Yogurt tops the list of probiotic foods and it is high in bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. Home made yogurt is the best product you can consume, but you can also call on commercial yogurt. However, make sure that the commercial yogurt you’re consuming contains active and live cultures.


There is not that much difference between the yogurt and the kefir. The latter is a creamy and thick beverage and includes bacteria and yeast. Thus, it is rich in probiotics and it is healthier and better than many fermented dairy products. Kefir is produced from milk, but it can also contain water and coconut milk. You can consume it even if you are lactose intolerant because it’s lactose free.

Soy Milk

This product is made from soy beans and it contains natural probiotics and lots of nutrients. Moreover, it is lactose free and has numerous proteins. So, if you are lactose intolerant, you can inlcude it on your shopping list.

Dark Chocolate

Who would’ve believe that dark chocolate contains probiotics. Consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis will help you have a healthy digestive system. Moreover, this product is rich in antioxidants and can prevent the oxidation of the cells and the free radicals from damaging the body. If also contains less fats and calories than milk chocolate, so you can consume it anytime you want.


Keep the doctor away with an apple a day. These fruits contain dietary fibers and small amounts of probiotics. At the same time, the studies have demonstrated that apples can stimulate the good bacteria and they can balance the pH levels in the stomach.


These tiny little fruits are not only delicious treats, but also healthy products that should miss from any diet. They contain probiotic cultures, meaning they are extremely beneficial for the immune system and they can be added in all sorts of dishes, including pizzas, pastas, appetizers and salads.


Fot those who don’t know, cheese is also made of fermented milk. As a result, it is also rich in probiotics. The good bacteria are preserved due to the low acidity and the high fat content. Cheese is also high in calcium and magnesium and should be part of every healthy diet.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good soury pickle with a meat dish? Pickles are made or fermenting fruits and vegetables and because of this fact, they also contain probiotics. You can prepare your own pickles at home or you can buy them from the grocery stores to benefit from their taste and healthy properties.

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