The Benefits of Eating Celery for Seven Days in a Row

If celery isn’t part of your meals, you better include it because it has so many benefits. For example, celery can help you lose weight, reduce the pain caused by PMS, prevent cancer, control the blood pressure and repel mosquitos.

consuming celery

Celery and its benefits

Did you know that the consumption of celery can bring visible changes to your health in only 7 days? Due to its richness in potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins K, E, C, A, B12 and minerals, celery can do wonders for your organism.

This vegetable is rich in antioxidants, phthalides, flavonoids and coumarin; it also has the ability to fight against cancer.

Moreover, specialists from different research areas concluded that coumarin is really efficient in combating the causes that trigger cancer such as cell mutations or free radicals. At the same time, the vitamin C in celery reduces the risks of developing a cardiovascular illness or a cold.

In addition, celery is beneficial for those persons who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or gout because it has the power to increase the growing process of tissue in inflamed parts and diminish redness and lumps.

The leaves, stalk, seeds and root of the celery can treat and prevent many diseases such as migraines, obesity, gallbladder issues, diabetes, mental lethargy, asthma, dental issues, liver diseases, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis.

Also, this vegetable is good for the men who are having prostate or infertility problems. Another advantage of celery is that it can treat chronic constipation due to its richness in water and fiber.

Furthermore, if you consume celery, you can lose weight, and you also hydrate your body. Moreover, this vegetable can improve your immunity.


Besides eating celery, you can use it to make soda. You need the following ingredients: 1 cup of sugar, seltzer water, 11/4 cups of water, 7-8 large stalks of celery, eight green cardamom pods, one tablespoon of peppercorns, one large lemon.

Wash the stalks of the celery and then cut them into pieces. You should obtain three cups of sliced celery. In another container, add crushed cardamom pods and peppercorns with the zest from half of lemon.

In a sauce pot, boil sugar and water. When the mixture is hot enough, add the pieces of celery and boil for one minute. In this combination, put the crushed pepper and cardamom and the lemon zest. Cover the recipient and wait until it gets cold. After this, filter the resulted cocktail into a jar or another container. Keep it a while in the fridge. When you want to drink it, add seltzer water and your beverage is ready. Also, you can add lemon juice. Enjoy!

If you are in a hurry and want a healthy snack, you can prepare a celery salad. Besides celery, add carrots and apples. Grate them and then mix. You can add condiments that you like.

If you want to be healthier, add this vegetable to one of your meals for seven days.

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