Bell Peppers – The Heart’s Allies

Capsicum or sweet peppers are other common names for bell peppers. They are available in a variety of colors, including orange, yellow, purple, green and red. They have a crunchy texture and a tangy taste and they are far less hot than the chili or cayenne peppers. The bell peppers are rich in carotenoid and vitamin C and they are used in a wide array of dishes. They also contain dietary fiber and vitamins K, A and B6 and folate, making them the best protection for the heart. Bell peppers are beneficial for numerous other conditions, as mentioned below.

Bell Peppers – The Heart’s Allies

The Health of the Heart

As already stated, bell peppers are incredibly beneficial for the cardiovascular health. The red peppers in particular are useful because they contain lycopene. On the other hand, the green bell peppers contain dietary fiber that can reduce the high cholesterol levels. The folate and the vitamin B6 in the peppers are also useful in decreasing the homocysteine levels and preventing the risk of heart disease. Plus, the vitamins C and A will remove the free radicals and the potassium is going to diminish the blood pressure. So, these vegetables are truly a blessing for the heart.

Beneficial for the Eyes

Red bell peppers contain vitamin A, a nutrient that will support the health of the eyes and will stimulate the night vision. They also include lutein, a carotenoid source that reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration. The high content of vitamin C and the beta-carotene are also effective in preventing cataracts.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Bell peppers are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients and they can protect you from cancer. The oxidative stress and the chronic inflammation are the main causes for cancer. The antioxidant compounds in the peppers are able to fight against cancer and kill the free radicals. At the same time, these vegetables contain enzymes that will prevent esophageal and gastric cancer. Finally, the carotenoid lycopene in these products can prevent pancreas, prostate, cervix and bladder cancer.

Boosting the Immune System

If you suffer from regular infections, it means that your immune system is weak. As a result, you must strengthen it by consuming bell peppers. The vitamin C in these peppers will not only boost your immunity, but will also promote the production of collagen for healthier joints and skin. Bell peppers can also diminish inflammation and reduce the chances of developing arthritis. The vitamin K will protect against the oxidative damage and will build strong bones.

Potassium Content

The potassium in the bell peppers is responsible for cleansing your body. The compound will balance the minerals and the fluids in the organism and is going to regulate the blood pressure and boost the function of the muscles.

Weight Loss Support

The red bell pepper is responsible for boosting the metabolic rate and activating the thermogenesis. Still, it will not increase the blood pressure or the heart rate. Thus, since the metabolism is enhanced, your body will lose weight faster and will burn more calories.

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