Avoid Eating These Foods at Night

Let’s face the facts. Every now and then, we want to eat something in the middle of the night. That is not a right to be denied, but if you choose an unhealthy snack, there will be repercussions. Eating the wrong meals affects your digestive process and adds unnecessary calories to your daily intake. You can kiss your good looking silhouette goodbye and say “Hello” to a restless sleep. Instead of marching to the fridge, you could go straight to sleep even if your stomach doesn’t agree. Here are the worst foods you could eat at night.

foods to avoid eating at night

  • Fat and Greasy Foods

Heavy, greasy, fatty foods are a big “NO, NO”. Not only that you will feel like a trainwreck the following morning, but you will also overdrive your poor stomach. Imagine it like this: it’s evening, your work is done and you go home to rest. When you’re almost asleep, your boss demands for your presence at work. How fit for extra work are you in that moment? That’s what your stomach feels when you stuff it with fat foods before bed.

  • Spicy Foods

Indeed, spices are a natural cure, but not late at night, when you develop cravings. If it’s 11 PM, stay away from the hot sauce! Except for the fact that the chemicals in spicy foods can increase your senses, making it even harder for you to fall asleep, they may also upset your stomach.

  • Caloric Bombs and Sweets

If you develop a craving for something sweet before bed, then bad news: no sleep for you tonight! You might think that a chocolate bar or an ice cream could work for you. Well, it does when you only think about the lovely taste. Your blood sugar levels will go from low to high in an instant. If you want to sleep, avoid cookies, cake or snacks full of carbs like chips or crackers.

  • Actual Meals

When we say “meal”, we allude to big portions of food. For example, a plate of pasta with some extra sauce aside. And after that, maybe something sweet, because it is the logical step after a meal. Try not to feast at night. Your stomach and your heart will be pretty upset afterwards. Eat an apple instead.

  • Meat and Other Sources of Protein

Just like fatty foods, meat (especially red one) will do you more harm than good, if you eat it at night. Once you ingested the meat, your stomach will keep it in, because it can’t digest it. Red meat is the worst choice but that doesn’t mean that turkey or chicken meat are less guilty. If you are really hungry, at least go for small and lean portions.

I know you might think that if you don’t eat something when you please it, you will die of starvation. Instead of feasting at night, try to go out for a walk or do some exercises. This way, you’ll be so tired, that you won’t have the energy to eat anymore. You’re welcome!

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