Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? – 10 Signs to Look For

We are pretty sure that you know just how much mess sugar can cause. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or adrenal fatigue are only a few of the consequences generated by the excessive consumption of sugar.

too much sugar

How much sugar do you take in every day? Here are 10 signs that will indicate if you are eating too much sweets:

  • You are tired / You lack energy

If you are constantly experiencing these problems, then you might have had just a bit too much sugar recently. You should re-examine your diet and try to make a change. You might feel energized right after eating something sweet, but as soon as the effect is gone, the tiredness will step in.

  • You have sugar and carb cravings

You know you have become a sugar addict when you find yourself craving sweets more and more. Because it is so addictive, the consumption of sugar will trigger a chain reaction of sugar cravings.

  • You catch frequent colds

An excessive consumption of sugar can bring down your immune system. Your body will be weaker in fighting viruses and bacteria, so all the colds will suddenly start to stick on you.

  • Anxiety and depression

Since eating a lot of sugar can bring your body down physically, it’s no wonder that it can do that to the emotional level too. As mentioned previously, you will feel energized after consuming something sweet, but as the effect wears off, the tiredness and lack of energy come in, along with a state of anxiety or even depression.

  • Skin problems

You probably did not know this by now, but sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body, so it is only natural that it will have the same effect on the skin. Sugar could be the cause of your acne, eczema, rosacea or the simple oiliness of skin.

  • Weight issues

The body is able to take in a limited amount of sugar, so when the amount of sugar exceeds the normal limits, it will be stored in the form of fat.

  • High blood pressure

A study performed in 2010 at the University of Colorado-Denver showed that there is a connection between high blood pressure and the consumption of sugar. Salt is also to blame, but do not forget about the sugar.

  • Dental problems

Sugar has the ability to enter the nooks and crannies of teeth and cling to them. It will rot the tooth enamel, causing cavities and painful dental issues.

  • Diabetes

Eating too much sugar will increase the risk of acquiring type II diabetes. Take a look over the symptoms of this condition and stay alert at all times.

  • Heart problems

A diet that is filled with sugar will most likely cause a chaos on the heart, overtime. There were many studies conducted on this matter and they all pointed out one thing: a high-sucrose diet will fasten death and increase the risks for cardiac issues to appear.

How to fight sugar addiction?

The only way to do that is to lower the amount of sugar you take in daily. Try and eat more foods that are naturally sweet, like fruits or sweet potatoes. Get rid of artificial sweeteners and allow your taste buds to enjoy a more natural flavor.

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