5 Fruits Beneficial for Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world and millions of people suffer from it. This condition is caused by an insufficient insulin production that leads to high blood sugar levels. Diabetes can be controlled with the proper medication and diet. Moreover, the natural remedies play a critical role in this treatment. Fruits are also important in maintaining proper blood sugar levels. Most of them are sweet, but there are some that can be consumed by diabetics without negatively affecting their insulin and blood sugar levels. Here are some of the fruits that you can include in your diet even if you are a diabetic.

5 Fruits Beneficial for Diabetics

1. Cherries

These small red fruits have one of the lowest glycemic indexes and they are filled with folate, antioxidants, fiber, beta-carotene, iron, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. At the same time, they have anthocyanins, compounds that increase the insulin production and lower the blood sugar levels. Cherries can also prevent cancer, heart disease and other complications caused by diabetes. You can consume the cherries dried, frozen, canned or fresh.

2. Grapefruit

This is one of the top fruits for diabetics. Besides the fact that it comes with a low glycemic index, it also has large amounts of vitamin C and soluble fiber. Moreover, grapefruits contain naringenin, a flavonoid that helps the body produce insulin and maintains a normal weight. Eat half a grapefruit every day to control your blood sugar levels. The best choice would be to eat the raw fruit instead of its juice.

3. Apples

They are sweet and juicy, but they can help you fight against diabetes. These fruits are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber and they have large amounts of pectin, a substance that will detoxify your body and will also diminish the insulin requirements of diabetics. Moreover, apples can also help diabetic people by reducing the cancer risk and preventing eye diseases and heart attacks. You can consume an apple a day to notice the effects.

4. Strawberries

These fruits are filled with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants and they can reduce the blood sugar levels. Furthermore, they have the ability to lower the blood pressure, reduce the cholesterol levels and diminish the risk of developing heart diseases. Strawberries will enhance your energy levels as soon as you consume them. Consume almost one cup of strawberries per day. Eat them raw or add them to salads or cereals.

5. Kiwi

This fruit is filled with beta-carotene, vitamins A, E and C, potassium and flavonoids and can protect your body against free radicals. At the same time, kiwi has few carbohydrates and large amounts of fiber, helping you lower the cholesterol and the blood sugar levels. You can eat one kiwi every day to control your diabetes and glucose levels and to improve your overall health.

There are numerous other fruits that you can consume even though you suffer from diabetes. They will offer you the necessary vitamins and nutrients and will also control your blood sugar levels. These fruits are: pears, oranges, black plums, avocado and guava.

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