5 Awesome Substitutes for Fancy Foods

We all want to be healthy, but it seems that nowadays health must also come with a touch of trendiness. That is why everyone talks about Kale, Cauliflower, Quinoa, Chia or Goji and everyone wants to use these ingredients every day. Fancy names catch our attention. We should not forget, there are alternatives and since eating the same food can be boring and expensive, here are 5 substitutes for a welcomed change.

alternatives for fancy foods

  • Replace Quinoa with Chickpeas 

The demand for Quinoa has exploded over the last years. It is indeed extremely healthy due to its high nutrient content. But Quinoa is not the queen of the whole grain family, there are other options, such as Chickpeas. They are also gluten-free, with a rich content of protein, fibres and minerals. You can easily add chickpeas in your recipes and you will gain originality and a tasty crunch.

  • Replace Cauliflower with Cabbage 

Cauliflower recipes have invaded the Internet, you can cook it in many ways, but at some point it gets boring. If you tried all the recipes online, try to switch to cabbage. Eating cabbage can bring benefits in the fight with cholesterol and recent studies have shown that it aids in the prevention of cancer. Don’t forget that cabbage acts as a natural detoxifier and contains immune system supporters. Steaming the cabbage is the best cooking method, in order to preserve its advantages.

  • Replace Goji Berries with Cranberries 

The exotic nature of Goji was the main reason they became so popular, but their use in the Chinese medicine also contributed to this fame. The ”berry” name is not accurately attributed to Goji, since they taste rather bitter. On the other hand, cranberries grant similar or greater benefits. Cranberries are used to prevent and treat urinary tract infections, but also to fight colds and the flu.

  • Replace Chia Seeds with Sesame Seeds 

There is no denying: Chia can be great for your body and brain, these seeds can give a powerful boost of energy, especially due to their amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. But turn your eye to sesame seeds. They’re a rich source of magnesium, which helps the immune system, heart rhythm and blood pressure. You can sneak these seeds into your meal in a heartbeat – with salads, smoothies or in dressings.

  • Replace Kale with Kalettes 

Strange name – Kalletes, but I am sure you will enjoy them. The texture of Kale is not the most inviting to a tasty meal. Kale has its benefits, indeed, since it’s one of the most nutrient dense foods, but we can find an alternative in Kalletes, which is a combination of Kale and Brussel sprouts. Not being genetically modified, this relative new food offers nutrients, such as large amounts of vitamins C and K and antioxidants. The sweet and nutty flavour is another plus.

Next time you hear about a Kale recipe or a Chia drink, remember that alternatives are just around the corner. Bon appetit!

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