Peculiar Uses of Your Deodorant

Did you know that besides keeping you fresh, your deodorant encompasses a range of peculiar, but interesting uses? If not, keep on reading and you’ll be amazed at how effective it can be!


  • Get rid of stinky feet smell

There’s nothing like the unpleasantness and embarrassment that comes with smelly feet, right? Try getting rid of this awful experience by applying deodorant on your feet before putting on your shoes; it will prevent them from getting all wet and smelly – it’s easy and cheap.

  • Squeaky door

How scary is it that every night you close the door and the house is all dead silent you keep hearing those squeaky, creepy noises the door makes? Very scary of course. So, do try rubbing some deodorant on the hinges of the door and those frightening sounds will become history.

  • Zit Remover

Probably this does not coincide with a dermatologist’s point of view; however, if you’re out of options, rubbing some deodorant on the unwelcome zit on your complexion will make it fade away in no time.

  • Make-up base

If your complexion is oily, you can try this peculiar trick. Apply some deodorant on your skin before applying any make-up – especially on the T-zone. It will grant you a neat and fresh appearance.

  • Bug bites

Thanks to its content of aluminum salt, rubbing some deodorant on any disturbing bite will aim at preventing it from further getting inflamed and swollen. It will also help the itching go away.

  • Blisters

If you often experience the annoyance of getting blisters, you can try the following odd trick: apply some deodorant on the area which usually gets hurt when you start wearing your newly-bought shoes. The deodorant is supposed to act like an impediment between the shoe and your feet, thus deterring you from getting your feet full of bothersome, painful blisters.

  • Refresh your closet

Sometimes your closet can develop an unpleasant odor. And of course you don’t like that; who does, really? So, try unpacking your favorite-scented deodorant and leave it in your closet to grant your clothes a pleasant, reinvigorating scent.

  • Anti-perspiration

Sweating is definitely unpleasant; and sometimes it might occur in the most unusual places! For instance, ladies with larger breasts often experience sweating underneath their bra. Besides being unpleasant, it’s utterly uncomfortable, and it develops all sorts of bacteria. Well, in order to get rid of this nastiness, try rubbing some deodorant before taking your bra on, and it will definitely come in handy! The unpleasant odor will be replaced by a fresh scent and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable.

Additionally, if you often seem to go through excessive sweating when dealing with a stressful situation – for instance on areas around your face, you may also try applying a thin layer of deodorant to prevent that from further happening. Good trick, right?

  • Glide into your favorite leather pants

If you feel like having a girls’ night out and you wish to wear those sexy, flattering leather pants, you might go through some trouble getting them on, as leather can get quite tight. That’s no problem, just rub some deodorant along your legs and you’ll glide into your favorite leather pants in an instant! Surprised you didn’t know that before, right?

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