Is Bottled Water Actually Better Than Tap Water?

There are a lot of myths and presumptions when it comes to this subject. Many people refrain themselves from drinking tap water, as it is an universal belief that it can be harmful and full of germs. On the other side there are other people who drink only bottled water because it is assumed to be thoroughly filtered and medically tested, therefore being superior to tap water.

Bottled water companies promote this exact belief – that tap water is dangerous for your health, developing bacteria because it is not filtered correspondingly. However, according to recent studies, it has been discovered the exact opposite. At times, tap water presents the same properties as bottled water. However, there are cases when, shockingly, the bottled water you pay good money for is actually worse than the water you can get for free from your tap.

tap water bottled water

Most of the times tap water is OK for you to drink

Bottled water industries make good money based on the preconception that tap water can be harmful. This preconception aims to induce fear, in attempt for more and more people to switch to bottled water.

Therefore, tap water is safe to use in most countries nowadays, as it is treated according to certain water regulations. Nonetheless, there are cases in which it is advised to install a suitable water filter, if the water in your region is rich in fluoridates.

Bottled water presents its own side effects

The general point of view is that bottled water is safely filtered. Perhaps there are cases in which this is actually available. However, the worrying fact about bottled water is that it’s sold in plastic recipients. Plastic is, as you most certainly are already aware of, a very common, yet unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly recipient. Buying bottled water in plastic form is really unhealthy, as it may contain traces of bisphenol-A (BPA), a detrimental substance that sadly is awfully ordinary in plastic containers for food and drinks.

If you are decided on making positive choices for your health, you ought to refrain yourself from buying bottled water in plastic recipients. An alternative could be glass recipients, in which purified water can be stored efficiently.

Tap water is not harmful

Tap water is not harmful. On the contrary, you can put it in a reusable recipient, advisably made of glass, therefore protecting the environment and at the same time saving some money.

As mentioned above, to improve the quality of your tap water, it is recommendable to install a suitable water filter, to separate traces of fluoridates from your water. This way, you can become sure it is safe for you to consume.

A quarter of bottled water is actually tap water

Yes. You read that right. While promoting the so-called superiority of their products, bottled water manufacturers sell tap water in disguise of a plastic recipient. However, this is not a universal truth. There are still several companies that stick to a certain process of purification and water treatment. Nonetheless, on the other hand, certain brands pack tap water in a shiny bottle and charge you good money for it.

To sum everything up, it is up to you to decide what type of water you are going to consume. Think of your choices thoroughly and, most importantly, choose environmentally friendly because this planet’s resources are not inexhaustible.

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