Eliminate These Cancer Causing Products from Your House

Many things in our houses can increase the risk of getting cancer, things we do not even think that they might be harmful. You use them in your kitchen, bathroom, and even in your bedroom. From air fresheners to insecticides and pesticides, here is a list with possible cancerous things:

carcinogen home products

  • Shower curtain and various plastics – although PVC (polyvinyl chloride) might be harmless when used on pipes, curtains made out of PVC or containing this element can release toxins while showering. At the same time, there are plastic containers and children toys that contain this element. Released chemicals can affect your respiratory system, reproductive system and other organs. The solution is to check if your home products have PVC inside of them and, if they have, throw them away. You can always replace toys, containers and shower curtains with something less harmful.
  • Candles – your favorite scented candles might contain lead, a toxic substance for you and your family. To check if your candles contain lead, you can take a piece of paper and the candle and try to draw a line on the paper. If the candle does not leave a trail behind it, it is most likely that the wick is not made out of lead. At the same time, you can also try by lighting up the candle and putting the paper above the flame. If a gray smoke comes out of the candle, the wick might be made out of lead. Lead poisoning can be a health hazard, so before you buy any candles, read the label.
  • Air Fresheners – although they smell good and remove any unwanted odors from your home, air fresheners have carcinogenic potential because of their compounds. The so called phthalates can affect the reproductive system, but can also promote some respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Instead of buying air fresheners from the store, you can make your own at home, by adding a few drops of any essential oil in a spritz bottle and then some water. Shake well and here you have your own home-made air freshener, free of dangerous compounds.
  • Pesticides and insecticides – organophosphate insecticides, permethrin, and carbamates are the three elements found in some flea or tick products that turned out to be harmful to humans. Buying products to get rid of our unwanted friends should be done extra carefully.
  • Antibacterial products – although the name suggests that these products should protect us, in fact they can be dangerous for our wellness. Many soaps, detergents and cosmetics contain a substance called Triclosan, an anti-fungal and antibacterial compound that turned out to be carcinogenic.
  • Dry cleaning products, fabric shampoo and carpet cleaners – all these three products contain one particular substance, called Tetrachlorethylene. Studies have shown that this substance is vividly connected with the increased risk of getting lung cancer.

The best way to avoid the chances of getting cancer is to remove all these chemicals from your house and replace them with natural products that are less harmful and more efficient.

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