Willow Pollen Cure for Strengthening Your Eyesight and Immunity and Slowing Down the Aging Process

Denominated as the “vegetable aspirin”, willow is rich in silicon, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Remedies including willow fight against excessive stress, headaches, heart diseases, eye affections, bone joints, etc. Raw willow pollen embodies all the beneficial properties of this miraculous medicinal plant.

willow pollen cure

Willow pollen is considered an excellent tonic for strengthening your immunity, while at the same time being a natural energizer. It is loaded with vitamins – B, C and E, polyphenols, fatty acids and trace elements. Raw willow pollen is golden colored, has a powerful scent and it tastes better than pollen extracted from other plants.

This product is highly recommended for enhancing your eyesight thanks to its high content in lutein and zeaxanthin – antioxidant composites which protect your cornea and your conjunctive tissue, thus preventing the occurrence of ocular diseases associated with the inevitable aging process such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Thanks to its richness in folic acid – vitamin B9, raw willow pollen improves fertility in women and aims at protecting the embryo during pregnancy. Raw pollen embodies a genuinely beneficial ingredient for pregnant women, as it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

How to Use

Consume 1 tsp of raw willow pollen, three times a day. For better results, it is recommendable to take it for ten days every month, during three months’ time. After 3 months, you may restart the treatment.

Raw willow pollen may be procured in naturist stores, or you may try purchasing it online. In comparison to other types of pollen, willow pollen is more expensive; at its reaping method is rather laborious. Willow trees blossom in spring, when the temperatures are rather low and the bees are not very likely to leave their hive.

Raw pollen must be kept in your refrigerator, in its original recipient, covered by a plastic foil. It will not freeze, at pollen has very little water content.

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