Do You Have White Spots on Your Nails? Here’s What’s Causing Them!

Have you ever been told as a kid that those white spots on your nails meant you weren’t drinking enough milk? True enough, a calcium deficiency can lead to white spots, but there are still many other things that can cause them. If you’re worried about this, here’s what you will need to know.

white spots on the nails

First things first, you needn’t worry if you injured your nail (or nail bed) recently. It doesn’t matter if you dropped something heavy on your toe or you caught your finger in a door, because white discoloration won’t be an issue. However, it can be problematic if the discoloration won’t go away – which means that the problem suddenly got serious.

What You Need to Watch Out For

There are certain conditions that you need to rule out when you notice you have white spots. Look out for:

  • Fungal Infections

They affect more people than we might think, and everyone is predisposed to fungal infections at some point in their lives. Common signs of developing a fungal infection include thickened nails and a spreading discoloration. The white spots are usually visible near the tip of the nail or the cuticles, causing the nail to split at some point.

  • Calcium Deficiency

Most of the time, middle aged women are in the greatest need of calcium supplements. Since the bones weaken with age, calcium can no longer be properly stored and you develop a deficiency. As you get older, you need to increase your intakes of calcium so that your body can take what it needs.

  • Zinc Deficiency

This one usually affects vegetarians, diabetics and people with liver diseases. Watch out for symptoms that resemble diarrhea, loss of appetite, poor immune system, and fatigue.

  • Allergic Reactions

Your body may very well be allergic to allergens in beauty products such as hand lotions, polish remover, nail polish, and hand soap. While it can take years to develop an allergy, it can take hours for the symptoms to appear. You may be allergic without even knowing it.

Other Diseases That Can Cause White Nail Spots

There are also some other serious conditions that can cause white nail spots. If you notice them developing, you have to get yourself checked for these conditions:

  • Cirrhosis: This kind of damage leaves you with scarred liver tissue as the liver tries to repair itself. Together with white spots, you may experience nosebleeds, nausea, and also fatigue and weight loss.
  • Addison’s disease: This disease is described by adrenal failure, no longer allowing your body to produce hormones necessary to fight inflammation. Symptoms can also include low blood pressure, darkened skin, muscle pain and cravings for salty foods.
  • Leprosy: Although it is usually found in African or Asian tropics, a traveler can easily develop it. Symptoms can go unnoticed for ears, and along with white spots, they also include pale patches of skin, dry eyes, and numbness.

If you notice that you have white spots for no apparent reason, get yourself checked and see what the problem is. Getting it checked early might help you prevent any further damage.

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