Weird and Useful Health Hacks That You Mustn’t Ignore

More and more people are becoming aware of how important a better lifestyle is for their health. They try to eat healthier, to exercise, to relax more and get resting sleep at night.

health hacks

We are all aware of the fact that if we eat regular, healthy meals, we lose weight, or that we’ll have more energy if we sleep at least eight hours per night or that we have to drink water if we want to avoid dehydration.

But sometimes, all these are just plans that are continuously postponed due to the lack of time. But here are some strange healthy tips that do not take a lot of time to give them a try.

  • Don’t brush your teeth after eating

You have been taught to brush your teeth after each meal, but studies showed the opposite. If you eat acidic foods, such as sodas, citrus, sports drinks and tomatoes, brushing your teeth only speeds up the acid’s effect on the enamel, causing it to erode completely. Wait half an hour before brushing your teeth.

  • Eat more if you want to eat less

Binge eating only leads to weight gain and obesity. Try eating more smaller meals throughout the day. Of course, you have to eat healthy products not just any food that comes in your way. For example, if you eat a few carbs, it will increase your blood glucose levels and leave you craving more carbs. If you want to avoid this, choose high protein foods and an apple. This combination offers a higher caloric content for each serving, and the proteins will make you feel full faster.

  • Avoid energy drinks when you feel exhausted

Many of us believe that when we are tired, an energy drink will give us the boost we need. Such drinks contain more caffeine than regular coffee. They do offer an energy boost, but only for a short period, and it also comes with some scary side effects such as palpitations, nervousness, and irritability. The added sugars spike the blood sugar levels temporarily, followed by a sudden crash, making you feel more sluggish than before drinking the beverage.

  • Cool off with a hot drink

Have you tried to take a hot shower when there are 30° C outside? It will feel nice and cool. The same applies to drinking hot beverages. This will increase sweat production, and when the sweat start to evaporate off the skin, you will cool off naturally.

  • Consume water for bloating

It is normal to think that if you drink water, you will only aggravate this condition. In fact, water mixes with the soluble fiber in your stomach and turns into a gelatinous substance, relieving the symptoms of bloating.

  • Great naps with coffee

Japanese scientists have discovered that people can increase the quality of their sleep with coffee naps. This means that after you drink 200 mg of coffee, you immediately take a 20-minute nap. The results showed that people who did this felt more alert and did better at computer tests compared to those who only took a nap but did not drink coffee before that.

As strange as they might seem, these healthy hacks really work. You should give them a try.

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