Ways In Which High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Body

Constant high blood pressure can affect your heart, your brain and even worsen any previous medical condition that you have. The effect of hypertension is likely to cause arteriosclerosis and coronary artery disease due to narrowing of the arteries. In this case, the heart has to make an effort in pumping the blood to the body.


An uncontrolled blood pressure can cause blood vessels in the brain to leak or rupture, leading to clots and even strokes.  A person who suffers from kidney failure or arthritis will further deteriorate their condition if they also have a large blood pressure.

The statistics aren’t good considering that 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. has hypertension and that 1 in 6 people die from this condition.

The toll put on your heart

Your heart is responsible for pumping 2000 gallons of blood per day, through the arteries, in the whole body. The disease affects the arteries that transport the flow of blood to the heart muscles.

An inadequate traffic supply will tire the heart and make it go into overdrive. The thickening or narrowing of arteries due to high cholesterol level, for example, will result in the congregation of fat cells inside arteries, and that will block the blood flow.

In the case of atherosclerosis, the arteries won’t be able to transport the necessary quantity of blood because the lining of the vessels can be hardened and thickened.

The dangers on your brain

A transient ischemic attack or a mini-stroke will provoke a disruption, a shortstop of blood flow to the brain and as a result, it will be deprived of oxygen, and damage brain can occur becaise of that.

Headaches and migraines can also be a symptom of hypertension, but according to the National Center for Health Statistics, they are more likely to be associated with a condition called retinopathy, that can be a direct effect of a high blood pressure.

Stroke accidents happen when the brain is deprived of oxygen for a period that results in the dying of brain cells because of the lack of oxygen. This can lead to brain damage or even death.

Vascular dementia is a condition that causes ischemia or hemorrhage in the brain besides other symptoms, because the quantity of blood that the brain needs is lowered.

Other diseases worsened by hypertension

If the heart is not able to process the necessary amount of blood required daily by the organism, each organ is deprived of nutrients transported through blood vessels.

People with diabetes, renal failure, arthritis and other diseases will recover at a slower pace and with difficulty due to high blood pressure. In certain cases, the organs can develop a multitude of conditions.

In order to ensure a healthy body, you can take proper care of your diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and nuts, avoiding processed meat or fat meat, saturated fat and alcohol, taking supplements and doing regular check-ups.

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