Vitamin D Increases The Survival Rate Of Cancer Patients By 52%

Cancer incidence grew to an alarming level in the entire world. This mobilizes researchers to seek viable treatments for a disease with a slight healing prognosis. A comprehensive review, performed on 25 previous studies, showed that vitamin D can increase the life expectancy in cancer patients. The researchers analyzed the data of 17,332 individual cases of cancer and found that raising the serum levels of vitamin D is a strategy that can significantly reduce mortality rates. High levels of vitamin D in the blood were associated with a 52% increase in survival in patients with cancer. Compared with patients who had low vitamin D levels, those with the highest levels of vitamin D had higher chances of recovery. Reducing the risk of death from cancer was found in the following cancers:

  • Lymphoma (52%)
  • Colorectal cancer ( 45%)
  • Breast cancer (37%)

vitamin d for cancer patients

Scientists believe that vitamin D may have similar effects in other types of cancer. But more studies are needed to confirm these hypotheses. Other studies have shown that vitamin D may also help prevent cancer. Vitamin D deficiency is believed to be linked to a higher risk of premature death from breast, ovarian, prostate and colon cancer.

How does vitamin D help patients fight cancer?

Vitamin D is able of adjusting almost every component in the cancer cell, including its genetic messaging and even its cytoskeleton. It can also reduce cell division, switch genes on and off and prevent cancer cells from spreading. It seems that this vitamin is capable of returning a cancer cell into a healthy, normal one.  

Although it is known to be a vitamin, it is, in fact, acting as a hormone and as a cancer chemopreventive agent. Vitamin D acts on cancer cells, modulating the tumor microenvironment. It also has biological effects on the immune system and the bone health, helping patients cope better with the aggressive cancer treatments and procedures and alleviate the side effects.

Where do we take vitamin D from?

Natural sunlight can help boost the levels of vitamin D. This may explain why the cancer rate is so high in Britain, where the sky is cloudy and  it’s raining most of the year. Besides sun exposure, other natural sources of vitamin D are fatty fish, fish oil, mushrooms, eggs and tofu (soybean curd). Your doctor might also recommend vitamin D supplements, which are readily available in any drug store.  Vitamin D works wonders on the human body, especially when we take it from natural sources. This vitamin does not cure cancer, but it helps the body cope better with the treatment and make it more efficient and responsive to it, affecting the cancer cells’ structure. Unfortunately, almost 80% of the Western World population lacks vitamin D and this can be the cause of the lowered survival rate and the increase of cancer incidents. Nature can help us fight diseases, with natural remedies from plants and animals. We just need to know how and when to use them.

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  1. Mega doses of Vit C was helpful in reducing HIV symptoms too. 😍

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