Using Marijuana to Treat Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has been a subject full of controversies for many years now. It has so many symptoms, so many manifestations that many doctors seem to confuse it with mental conditions such as sclerosis, chronic fatigue or sometimes even lupus.

marijuana for lyme disease

This disease is caused by a spirochetal bacterium that comes from the Borrelia genus. The spirochetes have 40% DNA and the double membrane that surrounds them makes it difficult to identify, trace and, eventually, kill them.  They will hide in the deepest tissues and they will change their shapes in order to disguise their identities.

Lyme disease affects the brain and the whole nervous system. It is hard to treat it with conventional antibiotics, since using them for a longer period of time is dangerous for the body, not to mention that they will weaken one’s immunity system and cause other complications.

Lyme and cannabis

In using cannabis to cure this disease, there are two main approaches: either smoking marijuana to handle the symptoms or using cannabis oil to reverse the symptoms of the condition. The latter option involves, therefore, the use of cannabis oil, which was created by Rick Simpson a few years back. According to him, when smoking the plant, most of the beneficial substances will be lost in the smoke.

Antibiotics or Medical Marijuana?

Alexis is the perfect case to illustrate how this plant works. She was on antibiotics until she was so damaged that she was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with hemorrhagic colitis. She was immediately taken off medication and, after a while, she tried marijuana.

She was then able to eat again, to sleep better and to feel less pain. Her mood was also lifted up and she admitted that marijuana was the best cure for her situation.

Cannabis oil

This substance is very concentrated and it is extracted from large amount of cannabis in combination with THC and other cannabinoids.

This is also an actual cure for cancer. It can be found in all the states that allow marijuana, but you can also get it from the internet.

Shelly White also suffered from Lyme. For a year and a half she was forced to endure about 10 seizures per day. She started to smoke marijuana and then used a vaporizer to inhale it. Her seizures stopped and she took the cure to another level by taking cannabis oil.

It took her only a month to regain the life she once had. She returned to school and work and she has never been happier ever since.

On the course of the years, there have been many people affected by this condition. Going for something natural is always the best option. So, in this case, it is better to try taking marijuana for a few weeks. The testimonies of those who managed to get rid of the condition are there to sustain the effectiveness of this miracle cure.

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