How to Use Strawberries for Your Skin

Strawberries are irresistible and delicious; however, apart from their savory flavor, it seems that these fruits can be utilized for many other purposes, as well. Did you know that you can use strawberries as beauty “products”? Surprised to find this out? Take into account the following tips and you’ll be convinced.

strawberries for your skin

Nourish your hair

Ideally, you should use overripe strawberries for an excellent hair mask. It’s a win-win situation since you cannot eat them when they’re too ripe. So, assemble 7-8 strawberries and blend them with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, until you obtain a smooth consistency. Apply the mask on the hair and scalp, and make sure you cover the entire surface.

After five minutes, rinse off the mask, and shampoo your hair thoroughly. The instant after you dry off your hair, you’ll notice it’s shinier and healthier.

Say goodbye to under-eye puffiness

Strawberries encompass a particular compound, which has the properties of a natural anti-inflammatory agent. So, in the case in which your sleeping schedule is hectic, and puffiness has started to emerge under the eyes, slice a cold strawberry, and place the slices under the eye. After 10 minutes, remove the fruit slices, and rinse the area. You’ll notice visible improvements in no time – guaranteed.

Hydrate your skin

The juice of this delicious fruit embodies various antioxidants, which aim at refreshing the skin cells, giving you a unique, healthy shine. Whenever you feel that your skin’s appearance isn’t as you want it to be, simply cut a strawberry in two, and massage the fruit into the face, so that the juice reaches your skin, hydrating it from the inside out. After leaving the juice on for a couple of minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water. Your skin will appear reinvigorated and fresh – who knew that strawberries are so amazing, right?

The best foot scrub

The summer season is in, so you want your feet to look their best, right? What better way is there to achieve that, apart from creating your own natural scrub? Combine 8-10 strawberries, one teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of olive oil. You’ll obtain a thick, moisturizing paste. Massage the scrub for a couple of minutes, making sure you reach every spot. Allow it to penetrate your skin, and then remove with warm water. Your feet will feel smooth and silky!

Anti-acne treatment

If acne is troubling you, it’s high time you turn to strawberries, since they can significantly decrease the severity of breakouts. All you have to do is mash a couple of strawberries, and combine the obtained paste with a tablespoon of sour cream. Apply the mask on your face, and after 10 minutes, remove it with plenty of water. If you use this mask consistently, your complexion will be significantly improved, and you’ll manage to keep the acne breakouts under control

These remedies are fitted for everyone since they are all natural and genuinely beneficial. They will revolutionize your beauty routine!

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