Unpopping Your Ears the Easy Way

In many cases, people experience the sensation of popped ears when they’re passing through a tunnel, when they’re climbing mountains, when they are scuba diving or when they travel by airplane. When these events are taking place, in the eardrum there is a pressure that can be painful and disturbing.


Below, you will find natural methods which can get you rid of this sensation.

Reasons why this condition occurs

This condition is known as airplane ear because most of the people experience it when they are travelling by plane. When an air bubble passes to the middle ear from the upper end of the nose via the Eustachian tube (the small tube inside the ear), you will feel a pressure. In other words, your ears are popped because there isn’t an equal quantity of air pressure on the eardrum’s both parts.

  • Use earplugs

People use earplugs to avoid the discomfort created by the imbalanced levels of air pressure in the ears. When you are on an airplane, it’s recommended to use ear plugs before the plane departs until it reaches a higher altitude or you can keep them during the journey.

  • Use your finger to unpop the ears

This method is simple: you need to lower your head, and put your finger across the opening of the ear and move it slowly until you relieve the pressure. You can use this technique when you have water in your ears.

Don’t push your finger too far into the ear canal because you can create more serious problems.

  • Drink water fast

Pour water in a big glass and lean your head backwards. Drink the water from this position, so you can unpop your ears.

  • Blow your nose slowly

You can use this method when you’re having the flu or a cold and your ears are popped or when you’re traveling by airplane. Blowing your nose slowly will relieve the discomfort and will unpop the ears.

  • Consume a candy or chew a gum

Experts from the American Academy Otolaryngology claim that before the plane departs, you can suck a candy or chew gum to avoid the formation of popped ears.

  • Yawn

Another method that can help you prevent this condition is to yawn. When the plane lands or departs, open your mouth and form an “O”. Repeat the process until you relieve the pressure from the ears. Yawning is a good way to create a pressure equilibrium between both sides of the eardrum.

  • Use the Valsalva maneuver

First, you need to press tightly on your nose and then blow it slowly (in the same way you blow your nose) and don’t open your mouth. Repeat this process until you will unpop the ears and you will hear more clearly.

If it’s possible, try not to sleep during the landing or departure because you won’t be able to use the mentioned methods in order to prevent the popped ears.

If you’re still having problems with your ears, even after you’ve practiced these methods, consult a doctor.

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