The Truth That Hides Behind Depression

The reasons for depression have always been subjected to controversy. Studies and interviews show that most people are unaware of the tragedy silently attacking all of the American population. People were led to believe that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance and that the only way to cure it is by prescribing medicine – a chemical fix.

depression causes

Because of that, millions of people who suffer from depression are told to take antidepressants. Studies show that 1 in 4 million women in the U.S. take them, and millions more take them to end symptoms of chronic stress, inner agitation, irritability and feeling emotionally flat.

Science Stands Strong

But science has put antidepressants in a new light. Here are some primers that will help you understand why antidepressants won’t work:

  • There is not enough proof that depression has appeared due to a chemical imbalance. In six whole decades, not one single study has surfaced to prove this.
  • The serotonin theory of depression holds no realistic background and is a myth. It was just a manipulation of info sent to the media.
  • It is not genetic. Depression is an epigenetic syndrome. There were studies that claimed those with variations in the serotonin transporter were more susceptible to becoming depressed. Years later, another study was done on 14000 patients that denied the association between serotonin and depression.
  • Depression is a condition caused by a sort of inflammation. It can manifest irregularly in the body, starting far from the brain. It is by no means a “chemical imbalance”, as it is so simplistically associated.
  • It’s an opportunity for us to stop and see the signs, and figure out what’s actually causing the imbalance.

There is no doubt that the body knows what it needs and what it doesn’t, and it can interact intelligently with the environment. You need to find the cause, not treat the symptoms. By suppressing them with medication, it’ll be exactly like turning off the fire alarm while the fire is still going.

Fighting Depression from Another Angle

It is understandable why many may try to find a quick fix within a drug. Then don’t want to suffer long recuperations, which is why something like the “magic pill” may seem like something incredible at the moment. But that’s exactly it. It’s only “at the moment.”

First and foremost, people need to figure out why they’re feeling what they are feeling. Upon closer inspection and years of research, it was discovered that these reasons can be surprising. It can be your gut, your food, your thyroid and believe it or not, your painkillers. But within thirty days, even after continuously being abused by lifestyle, the body can heal by itself. But even so, it will need some help. This is why you will have to:

  • Discover how to trigger the body’s inner ability to reset and recharge itself, so that you can heal.
  • Change your belief and don’t only focus on suppressing the symptoms.

Discover your own mind and find the cause, not the symptom. It will be the only way to treat yourself.

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