Treating Varicose Veins with Tomatoes

Varicose veins are usually triggered by the thickening and enlargement of the blood vessels. Normally, they occur on the surface of your legs; however they may appear on other parts of the body also. Besides being utterly unaesthetic, they may lead to further unpleasantness and lack of comfort.

tomatoes for varicose veins

Varicose veins – causes

Ok, so what factors determine their appearance? This has not been officially established yet. However, according to experts, this occurs because of the presence of damaged, affected valves inside the blood vessels. If the valves don’t pump the blood properly, as they normally should, it will lead to the increasing of the blood pressure inside the vessels, thus causing them to thicken and grow abnormally larger.

Another aspect that may provoke the worsening of this condition is pregnancy. As the amount of blood within the vessels increases because of the fetus’ weight added up to the weight of the pregnant woman in a short amount of time, the varicose veins may get significantly aggravated. Obesity is another factor that can lead to the settling in of this issue. And let’s not overlook the aging factor, which carries a lot of weight when it comes to varicose veins as well.

Available treatments

  • You may opt for cosmetics in order to conceal your varicose veins. Nonetheless, they’re anything but cheap and they incorporate a range of side effects. Thus, this might not be the best alternative out there.
  • A common treatment is sclerotherapy. This treatment encompasses injecting a certain chemical into the affected vein, leading to its scarring and thus elimination. One of the negative aspects of opting for this alternative is experiencing a lot of pain in the proximity of the affected area. At the same time, it might even lead to the bleaching of your skin. Also, allergic reactions to the chemicals are not uncommon.
  • Laser treatment is another viable option if your finances are endless. Unfortunately, the odds are that this is not your case, right? This is not a miraculous situation either, even though it might leave you with a huge hole in your pocket. You may end up with your skin irritated and bleached. Also, a number of interventions are required; one is not enough to cure the varicose veins.
  • At the moment, the market abounds with plenty of gels and creams that aim at treating your varicose veins effectively. Nonetheless, they are not as effective as they claim to be. Besides that, they incorporate a wide range of side effects for your skin’s health.

Sadly, the available alternatives mentioned above are quite disappointing as they present negative aspects and are quite pricey. So, you may find the option of natural, cost-effective treatments an appealing one. There are a lot of these natural, DIY treatments you may want to give a go – most of the times they are 100% safe, but their effectiveness is yet to be scientifically tested. The solution I am about to present to you is believed to be one of the most effective out there. And it’s equally simple.

Using tomatoes for varicose veins

So, this is what you have to do. Wash a couple of tomatoes of your choice and slice them up nicely. Place the slices on your affected skin and secure them using a bandage. When you begin feeling a mild stinging sensation, leave for a couple of more minutes and then remove the bandage. Try doing this 5 times a day for a few weeks’ time.

Why are tomatoes so efficient? Firstly, they are entirely natural and are filled with powerful antioxidants which aim at reinvigorating your blood vessels and empowering their protective walls. Secondly, embodying a substance similar to aspirin, tomatoes are utterly great in treating varicose veins as they deter the blood for further coagulating, in this way securing a proper, healthy blood circulation.

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