How to Treat Insect Bites at Home

Even though insects are tiny creatures, their bite can cause discomfort, swelling, inflammation, pain, itching, rash, etc. In most cases, if you are not allergic, these bites are not dangerous for your health. Still, no one enjoys that acute pain or redness and swelling. But there are numerous home remedies you can use to treat yourself and reduce the discomfort.

home remedies for insect bites

For the best results, you are advised to act as soon as possible. Don’t take it lightly and let the situation get worse. In these circumstances, acting promptly will boost the efficiency of any natural remedy, so don’t hesitate to use them quickly. Moreover, a home remedy consists of something you already have in your house, so that you don’t necessarily have to wait to get to the store and buy something. We will present a few solutions for insect bites; go with the one which is the handiest for you.

Clean the affected area

First and foremost, you have to clean the insect bite and the area around it. You can do this with warm water and soap. Because you want to get rid of bacteria or viruses in the area, only washing it with water is not enough. Always use soap.

Another way of cleaning the area is to use hydrogen peroxide, which can disinfect the skin successfully. If you don’t have any at home, you can also use alcohol.

It is important not to scratch your skin while you clean it.

Herbal remedies

  • Lemon or lime

If you want a quick relief from pain, itching or inflammation, don’t be afraid to use herbal remedies. If you have a lemon or lime, wash it, cut it into pieces or slices, and apply the fruit on the affected area.

  • Banana peel

Do you have a banana nearby? Peel it off and put the peel on your skin, on the spot of the insect bite. This will calm down the itching and inflammation, as well as the pain caused by the bite. Banana also contains plenty of minerals and vitamins, which helps the skin to regenerate faster.

  • Lavender oil

Do you have any lavender essential oil in your house? Then put a few drops on a cotton ball and tampon the affected area. Or you can apply the oil directly on the skin and massage gently, without scratching the area. This oil also helps you to reduce the inflammation, pain, and itching.

  • Aloe Vera

Everyone heard about the miraculous effects of Aloe Vera. If you have this precious plant in your house or backyard, you can successfully use it to treat insect bites at home. All you need is an Aloe Vera leaf. Break it and get that beneficial gel. After you cleaned the skin, apply the gel on the insect bite and the area surrounding it.

  • Onion or garlic

Especially when you want to reduce the swelling caused by an insect bite, you can always count on garlic and onion. Place a garlic clove or a piece of onion on the affected area and let it there until you get rid of the swelling.

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