Top Harmful Habits for Your Brain

Most people tend to go through life without thoroughly considering how some habits may turn out highly detrimental for their body. In order to maintain your well-being, you seriously ought to reconsider some of your habits, and comprehend how they can eventually turn out to be genuinely harmful for your brain health in the long run.

bad habits for the brain

A habit implies an action including three separate processes. The first one is the idea. First, you get the idea in your head – it all starts in your head; after which you presume doing the action. The second process is the routine, which incorporates the entire set of actions the habit presupposes. The third and most significant process is the reward; when deciding on doing something, our brain instantly associates it with the awaited compensation, say, the purpose to the action itself.

Our brain triggers every single action in our body, sending signals from head to toe. It stimulates our thinking abilities, from remembering the grocery list, to memorizing mathematical formulas. By engaging in self-destructive habits, unconsciously, we shorten the lives of our brain cells.

The most common customs that can turn out to be genuinely detrimental for your brain health in the long run are:

  • Missing Breakfast

We all know the cliché expression that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, cliché or not, it is absolutely valid. Being the first meal of the day, it provides your body with the vitamins and nutrients it utterly needs in order to function at its best. Most of the times, we seem to prefer to get a half an hour of extra sleep in the detriment of having a proper breakfast meal.

By skipping breakfast, you will end up eating unhealthy snacks at work or school, leading to overeating and obesity. Additionally, not being provided with its necessary nutrients, your brain will not function at its full capacity.

  • Smoking on a Regular Basis

Smoking is a harmful habit not only for your lungs’ health, but also for your brain. Rarely, smokers are unaware of the consequences of this harmful habit. However, they still do it, as it becomes addictive.

By smoking, your brain lacks the oxygen it utterly requires to function accordingly, in this way diminishing the oxygen supply in your entire body.

  • High Sugar Intake and Overeating

Dietary habits are also core elements in maintaining your brain health. It’s no secret that high sugar intake combined with lack of exercise leads to obesity. Sedentary lifestyles characterized by staying all day at the office and eating all kinds of snacks: hamburgers, chips, and candy are harmful and addictive habits for your body and brain in particular. All these will lead to high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels. Most of the times, people who are dealing with overeating are later on prone to be victims of strokes.

  • Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously

Multitasking can become stressful and especially harmful for your brain. In order to avoid being a victim of multitasking, aim at better organization of your schedule and at controlling your stress. Also, consider taking up a sport or yoga to relief negative feelings. Your brain needs its “rest time”, don’t forget that!

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