Tips on How to Bear Hot Summer Days

The hot days of summer are sometimes almost impossible to endure. Even though a few people may enjoy extremely high temperatures, most of us have difficulties in coping with them.

hot summer days

Due to excessive sweating, our bodies lose significant amounts of water, which can lead to dehydration. Also, besides the water, perspiration contains plenty of minerals, which are eliminated this way.

Other problems triggered by hot days of summer are metabolic and cardiovascular disorders. Our heart and the entire body are overstressed by the heat.

In these circumstances, what we eat plays a vital role in how we feel. The human body has some special needs during canicular days, so let’s take care of them through the diet we opt for. The following tips are meant to ease the discomfort you feel when the temperature is extremely high, and provide the needed support for your body to bear it.

Opt for light meals

In order to bear the canicular days better, avoid any meals that may overburden your body when it comes to their digestion. For instance, stay away from fatty meals, highly-processed foods, or any kind of junk food.

You should also avoid sweets or anything that contains high amounts of sugar and dangerous sweeteners.

Eat smaller amounts of food

You are advised to eat smaller dishes and amounts of food for the same purposes.  Your body is already overstressed because of the canicular days, and eating too much will only worsen its condition.

This doesn’t mean that you need to stay hungry until the hot days of summer are gone. On the contrary, you need to provide your body the necessary nutrients. This means that you must eat more often. If you used to have three meals per day, maybe you can section them and eat the same amount of food, but divided into five meals.

Consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals

As it was already mentioned, your body needs nutrients to function, even during these hot days. In fact, many people lose weight in summer because they cannot eat as much as they used to do during other seasons, but the body continues to consume calories for energy. And because it is overstressed, it may even need more nutrients.

Another reason why you should include foods containing high amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet now is that your body eliminates plenty of minerals through perspiration.

Also, vitamins can protect you against UV rays, which are dangerous to your skin and overall health. Therefore, consume lots of fish, milk, dairy products, eggs, citrus fruits, cranberries, cabbage, potatoes, etc.

Stay hydrated

Do you feel thirsty during hot days of summer? If yes, you should know that this is the normal reaction of your body, and you should listen to your instinct. But even if you don’t feel the need to drink much water, you should do it anyway.

Also, you can add lemon juice to your glass of water to benefit from its vitamins, or opt for sparkling water, which is more refreshing. Green tea is also an excellent choice during canicular days.

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