What Are Tea Bags Good For? Find Out!

Everyone enjoys a cup of tea sometimes.  Even if you have a cold, or you want to relax, tea is a perfect choice. Drinking tea is definitely healthy, but you can use tea bags for beauty purposes such as reducing eye puffiness or treating dark circles under the eyes.

used tea bags purposes

But did you know that you can also use tea bags for other purposes? Here’s a list of ten other practices of tea bags:

  • Refreshing the air

You can make your own air freshener at home. How? Pour on a dried teabag some essential oil.  Not much. If you want to obtain a sweet perfume in your house, you can use fruit-flavored teabags.

  • You can degrease dirty dishes

If you have allergic reactions to soaps or detergents, you can use teabags in order to clean the dishes. Put the dirty dishes in heated water. Add used teabags in that water. You have to wait for an hour or two. This way, the grease from your dishes will be removed.

  • They’re good for giving flavor

If you like to cook, you should try this tip in order to add flavor to grains or oats. The recipe is simple. All you have to do is boil used bags of chamomile, jasmine or green tea. Then you extract them and put rice, pasta or oats in that infused water.

  • You can use them as organic fertilizer

The tannic acid and the nutrients from the tea are beneficial for the soil. Take a used tea bag and open it. Then you can disseminate its contents on the ground.

  • Freshen up the refrigerator

Good news! If you’re having problems with the smell of your refrigerator, you can use this simple method. Put 3 or 4 used tea bags in the fridge and it will eliminate that odor.

  • They are good for tenderizing tough meat

If you plan to cook meat for lunch or dinner, here is an interesting idea of how you can marinate it. Take four used black tea bags and pour their contents in a container (about four tablespoons). Pour warm water in the bowl and let that mixture infuse for 10 minutes. After this, you need to strain the solution and let the meat marinate in it for 3-4 hours.

  • Problems with rust?

Prepare some black tea with used tea bags. Let the tea chill. Soak your rusted object in it.

  • They clean glass and wood

Take used tea bags and infuse them in a container. Let it chill. Then pour that solution on a clean piece of cloth and wipe away the dirt.

  • They make your leather shoes clean

Take a used tea bag and rub it on your shoes by using circular motions.

  • They protect your house from insects

Insects and tea aren’t exactly friends. If people love tea, insects don’t. You can flick away flies or mosquitoes if you place around your house used teabags.

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