Tarragon – The Epicenter of Beauty and Health

Tarragon is highly cultivated in western Asia. Also known as the “king of herbs”, this plant is known for its beautification properties and medicinal purposes. The pastel green flowers present a very rich flavor and have antiseptic characteristics. The leaves are commonly used in pizza, non-vegetarian dishes and soup. Its incredible aroma transforms the most casual meal into a gourmet dish. The king of herbs is also known for its extraordinary nutritional benefits. Keep in mind that tarragon can only be consumed dry. If you choose to chew the leaves, be careful because it can cause numbness.

tarragon benefits

Benefits the Hair

The quality and texture of your hair can be improved by tarragon leaves. The extracts have been used in the preparation of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products. The king of herbs offers your dull, dry and frizzy hair a natural shine and silkiness. If you want a healthy looking hair, make a paste from tarragon leaves and apply it on your hair on a frequent basis. But we’re not done with the benefits! The herb also cleanses your scalp, making it fresh. If you use the paste on your scalp, it eliminates the dirt and preserves the amounts of sebum and moisture.

Cleans the Skin

Tarragon is also a strong antioxidant. The steamed and distilled leaves can cleanse your skin. The mixture gets rid of all kinds of dirt and impurities. Its antiseptic features are pretty famous in the natural remedies world. Powdered tarragon is used in the fabrication of body wash, face wash and soaps. Also, the herb destroys germs and bacteria thanks to its abundant source of potassium.

Improves the Digestive Process

The oil extracted from the tarragon leaves enhances one’s appetite and balances the digestive tract. The leaves assure a flawless digestive process and calm down all medical issues in a natural and easy way. These leaves also contain polyphenols, which control the rising levels of sugar in the blood.

Relieves Menstrual Pain

Tarragon oil is an efficient weapon for the female reproductive system. The external application of tarragon oil combined with other fragrant oils is very useful. It regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle. It also relieves menstrual pain.

No More Toothaches

The leaves can relieve your gum and tooth pain. Thanks to its antiseptic nature, tarragon will help you balance the level of bacteria in your mouth. Also, it has the ability to preserve the mandatory quantity of water in the body.

Relaxing Effects

Tarragon tea helps you with your sleep, relieves stress and mitigates anxiety. It is the perfect drink for all these issues, without any side effects. Loaded with essential nutrients, it also has beneficial properties that help the heart. This tea wards off heart disease and high blood pressure.

The scientific name of tarragon is Artemisia dranculus. It is mostly used in the French cuisine. It is also known as “dragoncello” in Italy, “estragon” in Spain and France and “dragon” in Holland. In the whole world, there are only two varieties: French and Russian tarragon. Enjoy your tea and its benefits!

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