Sweaty palms? We got the cure!

Having sweaty palms all the time is not only keeping you from doing even the smallest of tasks, but can also get really uncomfortable.

Fortunately, some home remedies have been found that can actually help with palmar hyperhidrosis. Although it is an uncommon disease, it is not at all a rare condition.

sweaty palms remedies

Here are some natural remedies.

  • Tomato juice – tomato juice is very good for your skin. Sweaty palms are caused by the lack of minerals and vitamins in your body, such as magnesium and potassium. These two are found in tomato juice and can fix your problem. Start drinking tomato juice every day and soon you will start to notice a difference.
  • Zinc – this mineral has many health benefits, two of them being reducing sweating and preventing bad smell. You can start to take zinc supplements or to rub zinc powder on your hands every day.
  • Baby powder and baking soda – dissolve some baking powder in some water and place your hands in the mixture for 10 minutes. Thanks to the alkaline property of baking soda, your hands will remain dry. Baby powder can be used to prevent any possible odor.
  • Rosemary for the nervous system – sometimes, we sweat because our nervous system is weak. For people suffering of mild palmar hyperhidrosis, rosemary can solve their problem. This plant can be found in pills, shampoo, essential oils, food seasoning and candles. Whenever you feel like your palms are getting sweaty, you can either take a pill or inhale some essential oil.
  • Rosin bag – athletes, basketball players, violinists and other people suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis carry around a rosin bag and squeeze it whenever they feel sweaty. A rosin bag is basically a soft bag filled with rosin powder, a substance that comes from beeswax and tree sap. You can buy fresh rosin powder and have it for 18 months.
  • Witch hazel – a powerful astringent is made from the bark and the leaves of this plant. In fact, it is one of the main elements of many substances on the market. Each morning, you can apply a layer of this astringent by using a piece of cotton. It acts like a natural deodorant that restricts the activity of the pores. You will feel the difference. Plus, you can find the astringent in every drug store.
  • Sage for your sweaty palms – in the twenties, sage was used on tuberculosis patients in order to keep the sweating under control. Although this method is no longer used by physicians, you can use some sage tincture to help you with the sweating. It controls the sweat secretion in the glands. It also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the responsible factor for excessive sweating. You can either buy sage as a tincture or actually boil the leaves in tea. Sage tea does not have a bad taste and two cups per day should help you.

Try all of these natural remedies and find the one that works for you. Your sweating problems will be reduced and you will get to feel comfortable once again.

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