Sunscreen Can Be Dangerous – Find Out Why

It’s very important to do everything we can to protect our skin from the outside dangers.  On a summer day, the most common threat to our skin is the sun and its UV rays. But, sunscreens have been invented, and now life has become simpler. It’s easy to find, it’s not that expensive, and it has different forms, from sprays, gels, and lotions to creams. Everything sounds amazing, but unfortunately, there are some sunscreens that have some problematic ingredients such as vitamin A palmitate, parabens, tetracyclines, and oxybenzone. It’s indicated to buy a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or more.

sunscreen effects

If you use the wrong sunscreen, you can experience some adverse effects:

Aggravated acne

Many people apply sunscreen on their faces, and it seems to be the best decision someone can make if they go to the beach. But in some cases, the sunscreen can affect a person’s skin, especially if that type of skin has a tendency to produce acne.  You need to pay attention to the type of sunscreen you buy and be careful to choose one that won’t irritate your skin. If you can’t find a sunscreen that works for you, you can choose from traditional methods that can protect you from the sun such as an umbrella or a hat.

It can produce blisters around the hair follicles

When you use a sunscreen that isn’t good for your skin, you can get some itching around the areas with hair follicles. But this isn’t all. Blisters can appear on your skin. Why does this happen? Because the substances from the sunscreen can irritate the hair follicles. Sometimes it can lead to an infection.

You should talk to your dermatologist before you buy a sunscreen. He/she knows what type of sunscreen your skin needs. For the hairy parts of your body, some forms of sunscreen can have a good effect. Plenty of men are using gel sunscreen instead of lotion sunscreen.

It can increase the risk of cancer

We buy sunscreens in order to avoid cancer. But there are some sunscreens that can trigger this illness. Why? Because they have in their composition ingredients that aren’t good for our body. If you want to protect yourself from the sun and cancer, search for sunscreens that don’t contain parabens or vitamin A palmitate. The parabens are preservatives that can cause breast cancer.

It can produce skin itchiness and rashes

Many individuals have allergic reactions to some substances that are used in sunscreens (like fragrances or synthetic preservatives).  You’ll know that you’re not using a good sunscreen if you’re experiencing itchiness, skin redness or inflammation.

How can you know you have chosen a good sunscreen? Place on the inner part of your arm a small quantity of lotion. Wait for 24 hours to see if you have any allergic reactions.

Before you buy any sunscreen, read the label carefully to see what the ingredients are. If you have any allergic reaction, go to your dermatologist.

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