Studies Show that Blueberries Eliminate Cancer, While Radiotherapy Leads to It

A new study published in a prominent medical journal indicates that traditional radiation treatment causes cancer. The study also reveals that blueberries, which contain a substance stronger than any modern forms of treatment for cancer, might be a definitive treatment method for malignant tumors.


The study was featured in eCam and makes the following points:

  • By irradiating the hepatoma (liver cancer cells), the subpopulations of cancer stem cell became more numerous, and their resistance to various forms of treatment was enhanced.
  • By adding pterostilbene, a chemical which grapes and blueberries contain, they eliminated the side effects of irradiation.

Definition of cancer stem cells

During the 19th century, scientists found out that cancerous tissues were similar to embryonic tissues. After this discovery, they put the basis of a theory that is known today under the name of ERTC or embryonal rest theory of cancer. This theory states that the source of cancer is a tiny category including embryonal cells that do not reach a mature state. This comes into opposition with the traditional theory of cancer development, which said that cancer could be caused by adult cells that went rogue because of continuous damage to their DNA.

Standard, traditional cancer cures have been developed by using mostly animals, and their effectiveness has been determined by how those animals responded to it. However, it is not quite the best method to test treatments, because the animals’ and humans’ biology differs on a lot of levels – when it comes to rodents, for example, the evolution of the tumor is very difficult to trace and study correctly. Conventional radiation and chemotherapy sessions will basically fracture a tumor into small pieces, giving the impression that the cancer is gone, when it actually entered in a recovery state. Also, the chemotherapy enhances the tumor.

Conventional radiation and chemotherapy sessions will basically fracture a tumor into small pieces, giving the impression that the cancer is gone, when it actually entered in a recovery state. Also, chemotherapy enhances the tumor.

What this means is that a few years after the initial treatment was ended, the small groups of malignant cells might come back in a totally different part of the organism, which traditional medical experts deny that it has anything to do with the original form of cancer. Traditionally, if the patient surpasses the “5-year survival mark”, the cancer is considered to be eradicated.

Blueberry, the missing link that kills cancer and is an alternative to traditional treatments

Since many journals have published articles related to the ineffectiveness of traditional treatments, it is obvious that we have to consider alternative routes. Some studies show that natural compounds possess the capability to kill the cancer stem cells in a process called cytotoxicity.

There are 27 substances that are proven to be effective when it comes to eliminating cancer. One of them is what people call “blueberries”. It has been demonstrated that blueberries contain a phytol compound called resveratrol, which is an active cancer-killing substance by eliminating the cancer cells of all types.

As you can see, traditional cancer treatment methods have consistently failed in dealing with the disease of the century. As a result, alternative methods, such as those presented above, should be considered.

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  1. This type of article is dangerous. Having read it it’s all ‘may be’ and ‘might’ there are no definate’ or they would give blueberries as treatments.
    Whilst I am all for trying alternatives – beetroot juice and apricot kernels etc – you cannot say that they should be used and that radiotherapy etc causes cancer to return.
    This really doesn’t help those of us who have cancer.

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