Storing Lemons in Your Freezer – Healthy Advantages

Lemons are some of the greatest fruits out there when it comes to nutritive properties. And the best thing about them is that they may be accessible round the year.

frozen lemons benefits

Enhance the taste of your dishes by adding them to your cakes, tarts and let’s not overlook the delicious lemonade! Lemons are really tasty, aromatic and give your recipes a whole new flavor. To begin with, let’s go through the properties this lovely fruit incorporates.

  • Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, which is a focal element in the growing process of tissues in your body, such as your skin, tendons and ligaments. Besides that, it strengthens your teeth and bones.
  • These aromatic fruits are rich in powerful antioxidants, which can help prevent possible infections and aim at utterly empowering your immune system.
  • Lemons embody a low caloric intake, thus being a great choice for people who plan on regulating their blood sugar as well as their weight.
  • Vitamin C is great in deterring early aging symptoms from occurring, as it is essential for maintaining your skin healthy and young.
  • Thanks to their acidic nature, lemons are really helpful in soothing your digestion, permitting your body to absorb the nutrients the food embodies first. Furthermore, the acid of the lemons aims at dissolving kidney stones.

Besides being an excellent source of vitamin C, lemons embody potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, vitamin A and E. It’s a pretty amazing fruit, isn’t it? Delicious and so healthy for our body!

Thanks to their high levels of limonoids – natural, powerful antioxidants, lemon intake is utterly beneficial for your health in so many ways, such as:

  • They destroy the microorganisms and parasitic worms present in the intestinal tract, providing a healthy, proper functioning to your digestive system, while at the same time stimulating the assimilation process of the nutritive value of the food.
  • Is significantly diminishes the level of harmful cholesterol, in this way decreasing your blood sugar as well as preventing heart disease from occurring.
  • They track down infectious cells causing cancer of the breast, colon, cervix and many others, without affecting the healthy ones as other synthetic treatments may do.
  •  They erase toxins and impurities in the blood, which may further determine the appearance of circulatory system problems.

You should know that the above mentioned health benefits are found in the peel to the lemons, not in their juice. So, next time you’re planning on throwing the peels of the lemons, rethink that step and don’t do it! Imagine all those beneficial properties wasted!

So, consider storing lemons in your freezer, in order to truly take advantage of their wonderful functions! Just follow the next steps:

  • Wash the lemons thoroughly in abundance of water.
  • Slice up the lemons, preserving their peels.
  • Place them in a plastic bag and store them in your freezer.
  • Add it to your smoothies, lemonade, tarts and cakes!

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