Stop Believing Everything They Say! 10 Health-Related Myths That Are Not True

On your way to becoming a healthier person, you are most likely going to hear things you will not know whether to believe or not. Those are the half-truths, the things everyone likes to stay away from, especially when it comes to being healthy. Keep on reading and you will find out what are the most talked about myths. We busted them all and we are presenting you the real side of things!

health myths

  • You are healthy because you poop every day

You can be perfectly healthy and not have a regular habit of going to the bathroom on a daily basis. However, if you poop less than thrice per week, then you should take some measures. Drink more water and exercise daily. You should see the results in no time.

  • You can eat the food from the floor within 5 seconds

The truth is that no matter how hard or how fast you try to pick it up after it has fallen, you might as well throw it away. It has already been contaminated, so don’t eat it.

  • Eggs are clogging the arteries

Eggs do contain a high amount of cholesterol, but it is not enough to actually clog your arteries. However, if you decide to reduce the amount of cholesterol you take in, you could have an egg twice a week.

  • Carbohydrates are fattening

There are carbs that make you fat, but there are also those that have a healthy origin. They are the fuel of your body. Fruits, grains and vegetables, they all contain the good kind of carbs, so take them in.

  • Eating during nighttime will get you fat

Whether you are eating them during night or during the day, calories remain calories. Focus on how much calories you take in, instead of when you are eating them.

  • Eating food heated in the microwave is bad for your health

The food that is heated in the microwave is no different from the food cooked in the oven, for instance. However, use recipients that are specially designed for microwaves, otherwise the compounds from the inappropriate plates will leak into your food.

  • Microwaves are destroying the nutrients

The truth is that, regardless of the manner in which you choose to cook the food, you will get to lose some of its value through the simple fact that it will be heated. The heat will cause nutrients to vanish.

  • It’s easier to catch a cold during cold weather

The studies have shown that a person with a weak immune system is more likely to catch a cold, regardless of the temperature outside. However, during the winter time, people stay indoor more, so the air tends to get filled with germs much easier than normally.

  • Cracking your knuckles will get you arthritis

That is so not true. The only thing you will manage to achieve by doing that is to annoy the person standing right next to you.

  • You can replace sugar with high-fructose corn syrup

Corn syrup has been designed to imitate sugar. They both have the same sugar content and the same impact on one’s health.

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