Scientific Evidence Shows that Fluoride Added to Water Is Connected to ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has three major groups of symptoms – lack of attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Children suffering from ADHD have difficulties in staying focused, they are easily distracted, they have a tendency to talk a lot, often interrupting the others, but they are unable to stay on the topic for a long time. They are always active and loud. Not only children can suffer from ADHD, but also adults.

fluoride and adhd

ADHD is a reason for concern for many years now. That’s why, at the moment, we already have the results of numerous scientific studies. Many of these studies revealed worrying information about the connection between ADHD and fluoride. The last one is often added to tap water, as it is considered to help with your teeth mineralization and your mouth health. But recent studies revealed that fluoride does not prevent cavities. Moreover, fluoride is now considered to be a neurotoxin.

One of the most recent scientific researches in this field is the study published this year in Environmental Health. The study revealed that there is an undeniable link between artificially fluoridated tap water and ADHD. The researchers studied the effect of fluoridation from the year 1992 upon the population, to see if the level of fluoride present in the water has influenced the rate of ADHD diagnosis. It has been discovered that the level of water fluoridation is in strong connection with the disorder. One of the authors of the research, Ashley J. Malin, declared that the states with a higher artificial fluoridation of the water in 1992 also had a higher number of ADHD cases diagnosed in 1992 and the years that followed.

49 Studies Draw the Same Conclusion about Fluoride

It is impressive that so many studies revealed that fluoride has a major impact on young brain development. In fact, 49 scientific studies discovered the same: the fluoride affects the brain development and lowers the IQ. All these studies have as participants human beings. There are also animal studies, made with the same purpose – to discover the connection between fluoride and its brain effects. In these cases, the results are similar: 34 of the 36 studies show that fluoride damages the brain and diminishes the learning and memory capacity of animals.

Moreover, when animals are exposed to fluoride, not only that they won’t be able to memorize and learn as much as the same kind of animals that have not been exposed to fluoride, but they are also hyperactive.

The multitude of studies that discovered that fluoride can lower the IQ and cause ADHD has alarmed many people and many countries. At the moment, 99% of western continental Europe rejected fluoridation, in spite of the proprieties that fluoride is supposed to have. Germany explained its decision through the fact that the recommended or the optimal dose of fluoride is very close to a dose that in the long term can have a bad influence upon someone’s health. If you are thinking of your mouth health, it is good to know that you can choose a much safer alternative of teeth mineralization, for example, some mineralization kits or by introducing into your diet foods that are rich in minerals.

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  1. I don’t believe this! Very bogus

  2. I’m 65 and I’ve been drinking fluoridated water for most of that time. The ADHD phenomenon has just popped up in the last 30 years or so. These days a kid shows a little spirit or doesn’t fit the mold is branded ADHD. Then the real problem starts with the Ritalin.

  3. Will this be like the cigarette debate? I know people that have smoked for 40 years and never got lung cancer, therefore cigarettes don’t cause lung cancer. The studies conducted by the fine scientists at RJ Reynolds have shown that their cigarettes don’t increase the probability of lung cancer. Most doctors smoke camels!

    If arsenic was added to the water and someone with a fancy title claimed it helped people see better, you can bet there would be a line of people attacking anyone suggesting otherwise.

    What would happen to the “fluoride” in drinking water if it wasn’t put there? What would become of it.

    How do they measure a proper dose? If a 200 pound man and a 3 year old both drink an 8 oz glass of fluoride water, is the adult being cheated or the child being poisoned?

    If I were to add fluoride to your water, in the amount claimed safe, to your glass while you were in a restaurant I’d be arrested.

    Why does the dentist insist I spit out the fluoride he gives me in the office? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

  4. Thats why my son was so hyper as a toddler.

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