Sciatic Pain – Amazing Naturist Treatment

Sciatica is not necessarily a disease, but rather the manifestation of back pains that spread along the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve stretches along the inferior side of the back until reaching the posterior portion of the legs.

nettle for sciatic pain

Most of the times, the occurrence of sciatic pain is determined by various affections of the vertebral column. Additionally, it can have different localizations, depending on the causes of its apparition: backside, tights, hips, buttocks, and feet. A lot of people suffer from disturbing pain in the proximity of the hips, legs or shins.

Sciatic pain may often lead to a feeling of unpleasant numbness along the affected nerve, or a disturbing pain felt at the softest touch of the area. It can last for days or even weeks.

Sciatic Pain – Effective Naturist Treatment

According to a widely-acknowledged Austrian botanist – Maria Treben, sciatic pains can be significantly ameliorated and even healed with the help of nettle leaves. These apparently regular plants have been used for this health purpose for centuries.

Nettle is an excellent source of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, thus significantly helping ameliorate the sciatic pain. Centuries ago, healers would use it either as bolsters, in baths or in preparing tea.

Maria Treben presents two nettle recipes for treating sciatic pain naturally.

Nettle Baths

  • 200 g nettle dry leaves
  • 5 l cold water

Place the 5 liters of cold water in a large vessel, add the nettle dry leaves. Let them soak. Cover and leave the plants macerate for 12 hours. Afterwards, heat the content, and strain it. Next, add the obtained liquid to your regular bath. You should remain in a seating position for 20 minutes, making sure the level of the water doesn’t exceed your heart area.

Also, it is recommended that after taking the bath, you shouldn’t use a towel, but instead use a bath coat and afterwards stay in bed for at least an hour, in order to sweat abundantly.

Maria Treben’s books contain the confessions of people who have effectively treated their sciatic pains using the remedies in the books. A woman suffering from sciatica for 3 years confessed that after having 6 nettle baths in 6 months’ time, she got rid of her sciatic pains.

Nettle Massage

Massaging the painful sciatic nerves with fresh nettle leaves is an ancient practice. For treating sciatic pain, Maria Treben recommends the following treatment: use a handful of fresh nettle leaves and rub the painful areas on your body, 3 or 4 times in a row.

This practice should significantly relief your sciatic pain. For those suffering from extremely sensitive skin, this practice may present side effects, including the redness and irritation of the skin. If that occurs, consider applying talc powder.

You may also consider drinking nettle infusion three times a day for a better result. Mix a teaspoon of nettle powder with 250 grams of hot water. For a higher effectiveness of the nettle tea, you might add some ginger, as ginger root incorporates remarkable anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

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