Researchers Have Discovered a Plant That Can Purify Tap Water

According to a recent study, coriander is equally efficient or even better than the expensive systems of water purification concerning the elimination of heavy metals from water.


The studies that were made in 24 states of United States of America have shown that tap water contains high levels of copper, aluminum, mercury, nickel and lead.

The dangers of intoxication with heavy metals from water

These metals can become harmful if they are accumulated in the body, causing numerous health problems. In Flint (a city from Michigan) the situation is extremely serious: thousands of children are suffering from brain damage caused by saturnism (an acute or chronic intoxication provoked by the absorption of lead into the body).

Heavy metals are affecting adults too, causing chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, epilepsy, cardiovascular issues and renal insufficiency.

Coriander – a natural filter for water contaminated with heavy metals 

Many families have already purchased water purification systems in order to protect themselves from heavy metal poisoning. Scientists offer us a cheaper, more natural and simpler alternative for this problem.

A team of American and Mexican researchers has discovered a plant that acts as a natural filter for tap water. It’s coriander, a plant that has a strong bio-absorber potential. The tests have shown that coriander leaves have a cellular surface that permits the plant to extract the heavy metals from water faster and to deposit them in exterior cells.

The authors of this study claim that this plant can be more efficient that the expensive carbon filters from stores. One cup of coriander can eliminate the heavy metals present in 2 liters of contaminated water.

Dr. Douglas Schauer, the one who has conducted this research, says about coriander that it is efficient especially because it can eliminate 2 of the most dangerous metals found in tap water: lead and mercury. The results of the study were presented at the annual conference of American Society of Chemistry.

How can we use coriander to purify tap water? 

Take a few green coriander leaves, wash them well and put them in a carafe with water. Wait a few hours so the leaves can extract the heavy metals, then you can drink the purified water.

You can cultivate coriander in a flower pot

This purifying plant can be easily cultivated in a flower pot. Buy seeds from specialized agricultural shops and plant them in a flower pot. Leave them for a few days in order to germinate.

The coriander needs wet soil, heat, and plenty of light in order for it to grow. After it begins to grow, move it into a shadowed place so that you do not force the blooming process. This way, you will have more green leaves. During the hot days, water it in the morning and at night.

As a medicinal plant, coriander is beneficial for the digestive system. It fights against fatigue, depression, joint and muscular pain. It has a bitter-sweet taste, and it can be used for flavoring meat and fish foods, salads, sauces or cheese.

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