Reduce the Side Effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy with These Natural Treatments

Radiation and chemo are not very pleasant processes and their side effects are making them worse. In order to get rid of these side effects, you can use natural cures that will help you tolerate these processes much better.

Statistics are showing that the number of people suffering from cancer is increasing year by year. The World Health Organization made a presumption that by 2030 the number of people who have cancer will rise by a third in the EU and the US.

side effects of chemotherapy

Side effects of radiation and chemo

Even if medicine and science are advancing every day, there is still no cure for cancer. Doctors can only recommend the removal of the tumor, radiation and chemotherapy. But the unfortunate part is that radiation and chemo come with awful side effects: joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite, malaise and vomiting.

The cytostatics used in chemotherapy are helping the body kill the malignant cells, but, at the same time, they have numerous side effects that destroy your body. The first part affected by chemo is the hair. After that, it affects the bone marrow, esophagus, the blood cells and the intestines. The combination of drugs that will destroy the malignant cells is determined by oncologists, who try to find a way to do that without inducing too many side effects.

Natural treatments to eliminate these side effects

Many patients have called on natural treatments to eliminate the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The liver is the most affected organ, because it’s processing the drugs used in these processes. So, after you finish all your chemo sessions, you can try consuming a natural treatment containing artichoke.

You need to combine half a glass of water with 5 ml of artichoke and drink it 30 minutes before you take your meal. It is not indicated to use this treatment when you make radiation or chemo.

After you do chemo or radiation, you will feel tired because the drugs are affecting the bone marrow. The immune system is not functioning well, but with the help of some nettle tea, the minerals and iron in your body will be restored. You need to boil 1 l of water and then add 5-6 tablespoons of nettle tea. Let it cool and after that, strain and keep the tea in a bottle. You can drink it throughout the day, before your meals.

The nausea sensation that you have after a session of chemo or radiation can be treated with the help of ginger. Juice the ginger for a maximum effect and put a teaspoon of the juice in half a glass of water and drink it three times a day.

These natural treatments will help you reduce the side effects of the drugs used in chemotherapy and radiation. You will also need the full support of your dear ones to get through this and we hope that these cures will reduce your pain.

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