Reduce Inflammation With One Surprising Ingredient

The process of inflammation is responsible for most of the illnesses that are putting our lives in danger. However, this phenomenon can be held under control with one surprising ingredient: charcoal. This is not made out of wood, as you might think, though. Peat, sawdust, bone char or coconut shells, they can all contribute to its making.

activated charcoal

Out of all the possibilities mentioned above, the coconut shell charcoal is the most common and there is a good reason for that too: the charcoal produced is highly qualitative and because it is very absorbent, it does not damage the environment.

The “food-grade” charcoals are available on the market and they are often used for the free consumption or for filtering the blood through liver and kidney dialysis units.

The benefits of coconut charcoal

This type of charcoal has been used by the Eastern medicine for centuries now, in order to fight some serious health conditions. Activated charcoal has the ability to eliminate the gases and the bloating sensation and it also removes the toxins from our bodies. Wondering what are the benefits of this type of charcoal? Here they are:

  • Studies have shown that the people who are detoxifying their bodies using charcoal will have an increased level of energy.
  • It has the ability to flush off the toxins which cannot be eliminated naturally from the body, leaving no room for circumstances that would allow the formation of inflammations.
  • It will help the body to get rid of the waste in a natural manner. The waste from the colon will be flushed out, helping the bowels to move easier and eliminate all that excess.
  • If it can help your body flush out toxins, it can also help you lose some weight. Since your body will not have to deal with all those toxins, it will be easier for it to focus on working at a maximum rate and burn the fat.
  • Now that you have managed to lose some weight and get rid of toxins, you will also have a stronger immune system. Any viruses or bacteria will be immediately detected by your body and the healing process will start faster.
  • Because of the toxins, the activity of the hormones and the proteins could be disturbed. Eliminating the toxins will make your hair grow healthier and stronger, too!
  • The cognitive abilities are also improved by coconut charcoal. People are able to focus better on their activities and be more productive.
  • Your organs will also be healthier and the aging process will stop affecting them.

Buying coconut charcoal

First of all, make sure that the coconut charcoal is made using steam and not chemicals. Go as naturally as you can! With the steam created coconut charcoal, the material is heated to 1000 degrees in the absence of oxygen. This is how the material gets activated, so it can be quite impossible to have the same results at home if you try producing it, out of curiosity.

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