Red Onion Benefits – Good for Heart Diseases, Cancer and Nose Bleeding

There are not many people who enjoy red onion, mainly because it’s more pungent than regular onion. Despite this fact, this vegetable can be added to a wide array of dishes, offering them an interesting flavor. Besides its amazing taste, red onion also comes with numerous health benefits that we’re going to present in the following paragraphs.

red onions benefits

One important thing to add is that in order to take advantage of all these benefits, you need to consume the onion raw. As it happens with numerous vegetables, heat will destroy all red onion’s benefits. Add it to salads, as it’s the easiest and healthiest way to consume it.

Read on to discover what red onion can do for your health.

Diminishes high cholesterol

It seems that red onions have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol level (LDL) and it can also balance the good and bad cholesterol levels.

It can kill cancer cells

Various studies have shown that red onion is extremely beneficial for those suffering from cancer. This vegetable contains plenty of sulfur compounds that kill cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones. Thus, it can prevent cancer and ulcers. Red onion is also good for the urinary system because it can keep bacteria away.

Stops nose bleeding

If you suffer from frequent nose bleeding, then you should use red onions. In this particular case, you must cut an onion in half, keep it under your nose and then inhale the vapors coming from the onion. Numerous people are confessing that this was of great help in stopping their bleeding.

Good for diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, then red onion is the answer for you. When you consume it raw, it can increase the insulin production and help you control your diabetes.

It protects your heart

Red onions can regulate hypertension and they can also keep you away from coronary diseases.

Sore throat treatment

When a suffer from a sore throat or a cold, there is no better treatment than onion juice. Simply put the red onion in a blender to extract its juice and drink it as it is. It may not have the best taste in the world, but it certainly does wonders, so don’t forget to use it next time you have a cold that doesn’t seem to go away.

Useful in constipation

Although it may not seem so, onions contain a lot of fibers. As a result, they are extremely useful for treating constipation. If you suffer from this condition, consume some red onion and you will get instant relief.

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