Quit Smoking Using Limes and Other Natural Solutions

If you are a smoker, you must have already tried several methods to quit. You already know how hard it is to quit and how expensive nicotine gum or patches are.

limes to quit smoking

Also, these products only switch one nicotine source for another, so they help you quit cigarettes, not get rid of the nicotine addiction. Recent studies have shown that there are many cost-effective and natural options that can help you stay away from nicotine cravings and give up on smoking completely.

Lime helps you stop smoking

Take a lime and cut it into quarters and each quarter in four pieces. Whenever you feel like smoking, take a piece of lime, suck its juice and then chew the skin.

A study tested how efficient this method is, compared to nicotine gum. Researchers concluded that while lime takes longer to act, by the end of the study (weeks 9-12) it had achieved an almost equal success rate. This means that the expensive nicotine gum can be successfully replaced with the simple, affordable and common lime.

Compared to the gum, lime had a slightly lower power to eliminate cravings. But this makes total sense if you think that nicotine gum contains, well, nicotine. So it does not reduce cravings but gives the body what it asks for.

Besides its power to dim nicotine addiction, lime also contains vitamins and nutrients which promote overall health.

How to Stop Smoking Naturally

If lime does not work for you, there are other natural solutions to help you quit smoking.

  • Acupuncture

Studies showed that smokers who were given acupuncture to the Sinmun point for two days after they quit smoking had fewer smoking-related thoughts and milder withdrawal symptoms.

  • Self-massage

When you crave for smoke, try massaging your ear or hand. Studies showed that after a month, participants who did this procedure three times a day had improved moods, were less anxious and had fewer withdrawal symptoms.

  • Exercise

Exercising will distract you from nicotine cravings, give you an energy boost and balance your emotions. The next time you crave for a cigarette, try doing some pushups or go for a jog.

  • Mindfulness

When a craving hits, do not just succumb to it. Become aware of what it is, its origin and try to focus on overcoming it. Why do you want to smoke? Is it good or bad for you? Is it worth it?

  • Herbal remedies

Nicotine withdrawal has some severe and powerful side effects, such as anxiety, hunger, poor concentration, irritation, hysteria or nausea. If you want to ease them, you can try some natural herbal remedies such as ginger juice, cayenne pepper, lobelia, oats, hyssop, valerian, ginseng or licorice stick.

If you want to quit smoking forever, you can do it. You need mental strength and a true motivation to do it. You can also make a list with all the benefits you will get if you quit smoking, and read it every time you crave for a cigarette.

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