Prevent Osteoporosis With These Tips

Nowadays’ health care goes around one thing: health supplements. Do you have iron deficiency? You go for pharmacy supplements. Bone problems? Supplements again. What people do not realize is that it takes more than pills to have a healthy bone structure, and this mostly applies to women.

prevent osteoporosis

Many women don’t give any close attention to their bone health until it is too late. However, even if you have already reached 30 or 40 years old, you still have some things in the artillery to save your bones. Ladies, these are good news for you!

Know Thy Bones

In order to take care of your bones, you need to know your bones. This means going to the basics. Bones are formed out of a few components and layers which include:

  • The periosteum: a dense membrane on the outside that is crucial for rebuilding and repairing.
  • The trabecular bone: spongy tissue packed with marrow and blood vessels.
  • The bone marrow: a soft tissue that is formed out of white and red blood cells.
  • The cortical bone: a hard layer on the outer side that is responsible for protecting the fragile tissue on the inside.

What you need to know is that your bones are continuously developing! Once you’ve hit 22, you already have around 90% of your bone mass, but this will still be developing until you reach 30! Our advice? Get working on it right away!

 Goodbye, Osteoporosis!

While we did say that supplements aren’t the only answer to osteoporosis, you might still need to include them in your diet. It is still debated whether or not calcium is connected to your bone health, but to be on the safe side, you should still include calcium and vitamin D in your diet. This can be done either through diet or through supplements.

At the same time, exercise is believed to be an extra aid to preventing osteoporosis. While many people used to believe that a little ‘cushion’ around the bones would prevent any bone problems, recent studies say that it is actually the other way around. If you have too much fat around your midsection, you are at a high risk of low mineral density. Too much fat in your bone marrow can also make you prone to bone fractures.

Hormones are also important, which leads to the reason why women are targeted by osteoporosis. It is recommended that you undertake a hormone treatment to prevent bone problems caused by:

  • Pregnancy bone loss: If a woman gives birth twice during the same year, she is at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Perimenopause: leads to an early decline in bone structure due to low estrogen levels.
  • Menopause: can cause up to 20% bone loss due to low estrogen levels.

The older you get, the more you’ll shrink as well. However, if you drop more than an inch and a half off your height, you should consider looking for medical care. With a proper diet and exercise, however, you can prevent early stages of osteoporosis.

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